Styling the Most Versatile Rug of All Time

I've been rug shopping for the last couple of weeks because I just got wayy too antsy seeing my bare cement floors not being used to their full potential. I wanted a small rug that could be styled in a variety of different ways depending on what I need it for in the moment, and I've found it. This handmade felt ball rug from Sukhi Rugs was exactly what I needed. It's so cute, boho, and literally looks good everywhere I placed it.


To demonstrate, here it is under my piano! It's perfect as an accent rug to bring even your most mundane furniture pieces to life.

Each ball of felt is made of 100% New Zealand wool, and each rug took around 4 weeks to make by hand. This rug is incredibly sturdy, soft, warm, and inviting. I bought the color beige in size 70cm. Through my years of observation, it's always the smaller rugs that are more versatile. You can layer it with anything because both the pattern and color are simple.


It just looks so adorable under my coffee table! I can't get over how perfect these little felt balls are. It's amazing how Sukhi employs such talented artisans in regions all over the world to make their unique rugs. I feel privileged owning one of them, knowing that someone poured hours into making it for me.

The beauty of Sukhi's handmade rugs is that they can be customized because they are made by hand every time you order. Here are a few examples of their other Nepalese felt rugs, but don't feel confined by the options you see here. You can customize your own!


The most practical use for it at the moment is a kitchen mat x). It just feels really nice under my feet and it's so good at staying clean... I wonder what the secret is!!


Aside from Nepalese felt wool rugs, Sukhi also offers a variety of handmade Moroccan rugs. As mentioned before, all of their handmade rugs can be customizable for your individual needs. Click here to customize your rectangular rugs and here to customize your round rugs.

Moroccan Rugs

Needless to say, Ollie can't stop cozying up on this felt ball rug because it's so comfortable! He was chasing me the whole time I was moving this rug around for the photoshoot!

If you want to see some awesome patchwork pattern, check out Sukhi's handmade Turkish rugs below! And yes, you can customize your own here.

Turkish Rugs


This is another sample photo I edited featuring the same felt ball rug that I own. Loveee these vibes!!!

Whether it's a loft setting or a midcentury home, this rug just ties everything together so beautifully. I'm so excited to have bought it. I definitely got much more use out of it than I had even anticipated! Can't wait to see how you guys customize and style your Sukhi rugs. Check out their website here for more inspo!

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