Coffee Table Decoration Ideas

I recently switched out my industrial coffee table with this gorgeous, golden grid coffee table and I can't get over how elegant it makes my whole living room look! The top part is real marble and it looks marvelous against the midcentury backdrop. I tried to look for coffee table decor ideas on Pinterest but nothing really stood out to me, so I decided to make this post for you guys! I got this beautiful grid coffee table from Varaluz, a high-end furniture and lighting store. You can click on the image of the grid table below to go to the product page.


My favorite way to style it was with roses. If you want to achieve that Scandinavian/glam look without going overboard, mixing marble with roses is the way to go. Just look at how well these two textures complement each other!


Even Ollie couldn't keep his paws off the table x). I just hope he doesn't try to chew on the golden grids. Eeek!


I made some cupcakes the other day and decided to photograph them on the beautiful table while I'm at it. I mean, why not!?


Besides roses, you can also pair the marble table top with a wooden tray. Fill it tray up with your favorite relaxing things, like a good book, some candles, a bottle of wine and some flowers. This look is an instant winner.


My other favorite go-to look for coffee tables is simply stacking my plants on a pile of books. Super easy look to achieve without any thinking required.


If I could, I would've created these different looks with variations of their grid coffee table, but I obviously can't do that... but I was SUPER torn between the white and black marble top. Here are some variations of their unique coffee table design:

Finally, you can decorate your coffee table with fruit platters! I couldn't do too much with this one because Ollie was severely eyeing them, so I had to take the photos quickly and put the fruits away x). He might secretly be a monkey.

Anywhosies, I hope these coffee table decor ideas came in handy for you! The grid table from Varaluz seriously did all the work, but hey... I had fun moving stuff around for cool photos x). Like I said before, Varaluz is a furniture and lighting company, so check out their huge selection of items if you want to invest in interesting, unique pieces for your home. I spent hours on their website cause it's so fun and I'm so glad I got the grid table! You can also check out their IG for more inspo. Enjoy!

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