My New Bedroom Reveal!

When I first saw this Flower Burst wallpaper by Rebel Walls, my heart nearly leapt out of my chest! It was so incredibly unique, rustic, with just the right amount of girly, and contrasts beautifully with the industrial vibes of my loft. The previous brick wallpaper I had was also gorgeous, but I was growing tired of the sleek, cold, industrial loft look. While re-doing the main wall of my bedroom, I thought I'd might as well change up the look of my home office as well. For that, I used the Industrial Ivory wallpaper. I'm SOOO ecstatic about how it turned out!!! Just look:


The Flower Burst wallpaper just softens the whole space, bringing such a cheerful vibe to my dark cave of a loft.


You might notice that I didn't do an extremely seamless job of installing the wallpaper.. but that's because I taped it on with double sided tape rather than using peel and stick or regular wallpaper glue because I'm renting this space and I don't want to take any chances of damaging the paint underneath. So, it's not seamless because of my fault, not the wallpapers' fault.


Little Ollie looks great against this backdrop!!


Aaahhh, my Pallet Bedz bed frame matches perfectly with the rustic wallpaper!! All that's missing is some cafe lights...

Here's a few close-ups of my bedding decor! All my pillows and and blankets are from Cstudio Home.


Here's a glimpse of my home office!! It's not quite done YET, but we're getting there. The Industrial Ivory is definitely a nice look.


I got these office chairs from Amazon, linked here! The tables are also from Amazon, linked here. They are both wonderfully well-priced (within the $80-$150 range) and feel great. We needed desks with cabinets and these were the best-looking ones we found in this price range.


Let me know if you enjoyed this bedroom tour! I'll be adding much more to this look within the days to come and I can't wait to show you guys my progress. Be sure to check out Rebel Walls for more amazing wallpaper murals and follow them on Instagram for more inspo. To get the first look on my next exciting reveals, subscribe to my newsletter below!

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