The Abundant Life Guided Meditations

$90 for the entire 30-week series


“I love how God’s word is taught so clearly in such beautiful and serene settings in the meditation videos. I’ve been challenged and encouraged by the messages and I’m excited to see how God will continue to speak to me through the series.”

- Camille Watson

“Subscribing to Anh’s Guided Meditations has quickly become one of my favorite approaches to self-care. While enjoying her content, I feel peace and rest in my soul, stimulation and inspiration for my creative mind, and gratitude in my heart for our loving Heavenly Father and His word.”

- Jillian Deaton

“The Abundant Life Guided Meditations are pure soul food! I’ve had so much more joy, peace and contentment since subscribing to them!”

- Alisha Stout

“The Abundant Life Guided Meditations will benefit your mind, body and soul. The wisdom shared offers value to anyone who is in need of peace and happiness.”

- Haseena Bheekhun


what it is

The Abundant Life is a life that is built on a solid foundation. It is a life with purpose, intention, and emotional soundness. Even if you’re not a Christian, you can still greatly benefit from these guided meditations. The first video will speak of self-acceptance. We can’t move forward with loving others and loving our lives if we don’t know what it means to love ourselves.

The kind of self-acceptance I want us to develop is one that is independent of what we do, and solely dependent on who we are. After going through acceptance, we will dive into perspective, identity, purpose, boundaries, and so forth.


The philosophy behind The Abundant Life is NOT that you will physically have everything you need, but that you will develop the inner peace, joy, and faith to endure— and even thrive— amidst every trial that comes your way.

The weekly 15-minute videos will consist of:

  • Either a tranquil scene from nature, a peaceful DIY, or gardening

  • A theme for the week that will lead you towards an abundant life

  • Helpful insights on the topic

  • A powerful reflection question for the week

  • A short prayer

There is also an audio version of each video so you can play it at your convenience.


How do I log in to watch the videos?

Simply click “LOGIN” at the navigation bar above.

Can I get early access to the videos?

These guided meditations are meant to be digested slowly so they will be released on a weekly basis.

Why Sunday?

The goal is to meditate on a new theme at the beginning of the week so we can apply it in the subsequent days.

Is the curriculum in chronological order?

Yes, it’s important to watch the videos in chronological order to get the most out of each session.

When does the series end?

The first series of The Abundant Life will be 30 weeks long.

What comes after?

The next series will be 52 weeks long.

What are the series called?

The first series is called The Abundant Life: Foundational Series. The next one will be announced when we move closer to the release date.

Can I cancel my subscription anytime?


Will I be refunded if I cancel?

Yes, you will receive partial refund for the weeks in which the videos have not yet been uploaded. For example, if you join us at the 12-week mark, you will be refunded for the 18 weeks of videos that have not been uploaded.

Why did you take away the monthly subscription option?

There is currently no way for me to release the videos on a timed basis for each unique signup. This new payment method is to make sure it’s fair for everyone, in case someone binge-watches all the videos in a month and cancels their subscription.