How to Turn Your Home Into an Instagram Hit

I knew early on that I wanted to be an Instagrammer because I loved photography, but I didn’t have the model looks, the luxurious lifestyle or the beautiful young family that so many famous Instagrammers seemed to have. There was definitely a formula to succeeding on this platform, but I still wanted to be myself and showcase the life that I actually had; otherwise, I knew it wouldn’t be sustainable. I wasn’t into getting ready every single day with a full face of makeup, so breaking into the fashion niche would’ve been a chore. I didn’t have enough money to travel, so that would’ve been a horrible financial decision. I was too young to have a family, so that niche was out of the question. And then… I stumbled upon the home decor niche.

“What a perfect niche!” I thought. I wouldn’t have to spend time getting ready every day and I get to actually live the life that I’m portraying. So, I got to researching and saving my paychecks to create homes that would inspire others.

Since moving out of my mom’s house in 2015, I’ve lived in three different apartments— each one different than the last, but all of which turned into Instagram hits of their own rights. I don’t have the biggest platform ever or the most beautiful home by any means, but I do know how to turn my home into an oasis of inspiration for my followers. Here’s how you can do it, too.


Pick a Theme

Whether you’re into midcentury-modern, farmhouse, eclectic boho, industrial, or even a mixture of everything, stick to your chosen design theme until you’ve won over a solid foundation of followers. Your style can (and should) always evolve later on, but visitors need to know what to expect from your design style the moment they see your feed. This can even be as simple as sticking to a color scheme rather than a specific design theme. My current bedroom favors pink tones and florals because it softens the harsh industrial layout.

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Style Memorable Products

Don’t just go with the flow and do what has been done before. Part of the formula is actually creating an unusual point of focus against a common background. Even the most interesting rooms become boring after you’ve already captured it from 40 different angles. How, then, can you still make your home seem interesting again? The answer is to highlight memorable furniture pieces or products. This mini pet bed from The Company Store, for example, helps to evoke more emotion from the audience than just another angle of my bed.

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Focus on Key Furniture Pieces

From my experience, it’s much more worthwhile to splurge on your bedding, throw blankets and pillows than it is on minor decor pieces that lay dead on your shelves. A great bed or couch draws more attention from visitors because these are necessary pieces that everyone has in their homes. When you put a creative spin on such common items, it gives people ideas on how they can spice up their own space as well.

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Make It Look Lived-In

There’s a notable difference between standard design and excellent design. Of course these are all subjective, but we can probably agree that even a 5-star hotel room probably wouldn’t perform as well as a 600 sq. ft. bohemian studio on Instagram. That’s because we’ve already seen these commercial designs before. They’ve lost their ability to relate to us in a way that makes us feel like, “Wow, I can do this with my own home!” It’s okay if your pillows are crooked or there’s a water bottle in the corner. You live in this space and your followers will love that about your home. It’s real!

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Keep Experimenting

I mentioned that you should stick to a certain design theme in the beginning of this article, but that doesn’t mean you should stop experimenting within that design theme! There are no real rules to design, only that you create work that you can be proud of. And you’ll never know what you’re truly capable of if you don’t experiment! :)

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Welps, that’s all the advice I can think of today! I’ll be publishing these tips here and again, so keep following along for more! Special thanks to Cstudio Home for always producing such amazing products for us Instagrammers! I’ve always gotten my pillows and bedding from them and it has never failed to attract more attention on IG. Love this brand!!

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