15 Wellness Stocking Stuffers for YOURSELF!

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Stocking stuffers!! I’ve only ever received one stocking my entire life during a Christmas gift exchange with my old care group. It was so exciting to take out one pocket-sized gift after another, not knowing what to expect next.

For this new year I want to encourage you to create a stocking just for yourself. Fill it with all things that bring you peace, joy, and wellness. Take a gift out on the first day of 2019 and then one every other day after that. What’s a better way to start your year off than to have an entire month of health and wellness gifts to yourself? It’s wonderful to give to others, but this little stocking surprise will remind you to be kind to yourself as well.

Here are 15 wellness gifts you should put in your new year’s stocking:

1. Massage gift card - Pick your favorite massage parlor and buy a gift card just enough for one massage. Make it a point to use the gift card on the day you pull it out of your stocking!

2. Nail salon gift card - Surprise yourself with a lovely pampering session!

3. Bath Fizzers - Similar to bath bombs, bath fizzers fizzle out in your bathtub while you relax in the soothing waters. My favorites are the Raw Coconut + Mango fizzers and the Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut fizzers.

4. Lip Scrubs - Treat your lips to an exfoliation session with a raw sugar lip scrub! It’ll be soo smooth and moisturized afterwards. You’ll feel like a new woman.


Pure Lip Love Pineapple + Maqui Berry + Coconut Lip Balm & Lip Scrub Set


Natural Lip Balm with Bonus Lip Scrub-Lemon Sugar

5. Hair masque - Hair masques are like clay masks for your face, except they turn your hair into silky smooth locks that will make you question whether it’s your actual hair! Check out this one with Avocado + Banana Oil + Coconut Milk + Agave.

6. Hair conditioning set - Give your hair the wash of a lifetime with a trio set, like the one below!


Raw Sugar Pure Hair Nutrition - Hair Trio Set: Moisture Smoothie

7. Hot chocolate mason jar - Put all the ingredients of a perfect cup of hot choc in a mason jar so you can quickly make one for yourself when you pull it out of the new year stocking!

8. Clay mask - Who can ever forget the luxurious feeling of putting on a brand new face mask? I love the ones from OSEA Malibu and HelloBody.

9. $20 - This one’s simple. Just drop a $20 into your stocking and you’ll essentially be buying your future self a coffee and maybe even some lunch! Who doesn’t feel happy finding $20 in their stocking? ;)

10. A new perfume - Buy a small perfume you’ve never tried before so you can enjoy the lovely surprise when you draw it from the stocking!

11. Your favorite snacks - Throw in your favorite sour candies or whatever it is that makes you excited. A little treat now and again never hurts!

12. Loose tea and infuser - Rather than a tea bag, I recommend that you include loose teas and an infuser so you can actually enjoy the zen moment of steeping the tea.

13. Aromatic candle - Light it up as soon as you draw it from the stocking for aromatherapy!

14. Herb plant kit - Take some time to plant a seed and watch it grow day by day. I suggest growing an herb so it can sprout quickly and require little maintenance.

15. An uplifting letter from someone you love - Ask someone you love to write a letter encouraging you. The letter can be about anything: how much they love you, why you mean a lot to them, etc., as long as it is uplifting.

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I’m so excited to create this wellness stocking for myself and I look forward to seeing how it helps you guys as well!

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