My Top 4 Thanksgiving Decorating Tips

There may be a million different results when you search "Thanksgiving decor ideas" on Pinterest, but they all look relatively the same, more or less. If you want your Thanksgiving decor to be memorable, you've got to spunk it up just a tad. Here's how!

1. Make Your Own Floral Wall Decor

This one is especially fun and inexpensive because you get to re-use old flowers around your home or in my case, faux flowers from the dollar store! All you do is cut out each stem and tape it to the wall vertically to create a floral wallpaper effect.


2. Add Geometric Table Centerpieces

One thing that your guests have probably never seen at the Thanksgiving table are geometric decorations. Geo designs are typically seen as edgy and chic; nothing about them really brings to mind the festive turkey season. That's exactly why you should incorporate these elements to your decor. They're unexpected and add a chic twist to your traditional Fall decor. I used the Origami Zoo Animals I found on Varaluz in the shape of a horse, rhino and elephant to make my decor more interesting.


3. Utilize Reading Materials

This might just appease bookworms like me, but hey! Based on my photo engagement rates on Instagram, I'm confident that people love seeing books as decor. Something about the symmetry of books is just so pleasing to the eyes. I combined the geometric rhino with my books to make this creative bookend.


4. Stick to a Fun Color Scheme

Finally, pick a color scheme that works for you and stick to it! Even the most strangely chaotic decorations can come together if all the elements follow a certain color scheme. It's not as hard as you think! It can be as simple as "warm colors" or as specific as "white and gold with splashes of red," which is exactly what I wanted. To achieve this look, I matched the geometric animals with to marble grid table and added bright red accents with the apples and cranberries. The marble grid table is the best coffee table I've ever had. It's so versatile and looks good with all kinds of decor.


Which tip did you find the most helpful? Also, do you have any tips for me? Let me know in the comments!

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