DIY No-Sew Christmas Lights Garland

This easy DIY project is perfect for people who want to be creative this Christmas but don't have the time or energy to make everything from scratch. I got you, girl.

If everything goes accordingly, your finished product should look something like what we have below.


First, untie one end of the dog toys to release the lightbulbs. You can re-tie the knots once you take out all the lightbulbs and you should have three perfectly good tug-of-war toys for your pup!


Next, cut out 10 strings of yarn - each measuring 9 ft. Knot one end of the yarn to tie it all together before you start creating the "rope."

To make the rope texture, all you have to do is separate the knotted yarn into two equal sections (5 strings of yarn each) and twist it around each other, as shown below:


Once you're done twisting all 9 ft. of the yarn, simply knot the finished end, string the lightbulbs through the rope and create loose knots where you want the lightbulbs to "land" when it's hung up.


That's all! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. If you did, please share it on Pinterest and join my email list for the first look on my next creative projects!

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