My 2018 Gift Wrapping Tutorial

I’m all about efficiency, and wrapping gifts is the ultimate test of how efficient one can be. This year, I finished all my wrapping in under an hour with nothing but scissors and some tape. Not even a glue gun was involved! I chose to go with the pastel candy color scheme because it fits well with my Candy Cane tree from Treetopia.

DSC09409 copy.JPG


Click HERE for the Candy Cane Christmas tree!

DSC09397 2.JPG

First, I boxed up all the gifts. Then, I wrapped them neatly in gift wrap. I suppose you don’t need help with these first two steps! :D The interesting part comes next.


I then cut just enough ribbon to wrap around the length of the gift box, cut a piece of tape, and tape down where the two ends of the ribbons meet. Don’t worry - the tape will be covered by the bow later!


After taping down the ribbon, I loop the name tag through the ribbon and tie a knot with the twine. Pro tip: tape down the twin knot BEHIND the ribbon so the name tag stays in place and looks seamless.

DSC09395 2.JPG

Finally, I just clip on the bow! It’s actually a hair clip so you don’t need any adhesives to attach it to the ribbon. Efficient, right?!

There are so many ways you can arrange this. I hope you give it a try! If you find it helpful in any way, make sure you share it on your Pinterest so others can benefit from it as well!

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