DIY Rustic Wreath Mirror!

Due to popular request, I’ve decided to publish how I turned my Stopwatch Mirror into a rustic wreath! I love that it’s both decorative and functional. This is my favorite Christmas DIY so far… and it only took 15 minutes! So easy :). Let’s get started.

DSC09411 2.JPG


(One of each, EXCEPT for the eucalyptus— get TWO of those!)

You also need clear tape and scissors for this project. That’s all! :)

DSC09433 2.JPG

1. If you choose battery-operated lights, hang your mirror anywhere you desire. If you choose electricity-operated lights (like I did), hang your mirror near an outlet.

Then, tape one eucalyptus vine over the top of the mirror and the other over the bottom half of the mirror.

2. Tape the bow directly to the face of the mirror. Puff it up so it can cover the tape.

DSC09415 2.JPG

3. Pull the peonies from its stem and tape it directly onto the WALL, not the mirror. I took the back-most petal and taped that onto my wall. It holds up the entire peony without drooping.

As for the pine cones, just stick it between the peonies so it won’t fall off. You don’t need adhesives for the pine cones. To make the process easier, you can attach it to bendy wires so you can stick it anywhere around the wreath.

DSC09431 2.JPG

4. Wrap the fairy lights around the wreath and hide any battery packs/leftover lights under the bow. I taped the remainder of my lights under the bow and it lights up beautifully!


Tada!! That’s all there is to it ^_^.

DSC09426 2.JPG

When you’re done, you should have a wreath that’s perfect for any occasion. For Easter, just add a few eggs here and there and you’ve got yourself the cutest Easter wreath! It’s super versatile and looks like a million bucks. I highly suggest buying the Stopwatch Mirror because it instantly makes your home look more stylish. This is a mirror that I could hang anywhere— my bathroom, mudroom, bedroom, vanity corner, living room, etc. It’s my FAVORITE mirror! ^_^

If you enjoyed this DIY, please share it on Pinterest! I’d also love to see your own rendition of it, so let me know if you decide to try it out!

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