How To Recreate This Room For Under $350

When I first moved into my Pasadena studio, I researched like a maniac to see what inspires me the most in terms of interior design. I stumbled upon design blogs of all styles-- modern, minimalistic, traditional, bohemian-- you name it! Of course, the style that resonated with me the most was bohemian. I love the freedom of weaving all sorts of textures and patterns together to make a truly unique look. This style feels so unlimited, and it encourages me to add more things in tiny spaces! I'm also a plant hoarder, so this is perfect. If you enjoy my (amateur) sense of decor and found the inspiration to re-do your room, then I hope this article will get you one step closer to recreating your very own masterpiece! Trust me, you don't have to be a professional to get a sense of design. If you love a certain look, then feel free to explore it! Like my #1 inspiration told me in the beginning of my journey, "A perfectly curated room takes time." Don't buy everything at once. Take your time, find out what you love, and you'll see that everything will gradually fall into place!

1. Oriental Rug - $49.99

The VALLĂ–BY rug from IKEA is definitely a winner for me. Most oriental rugs this size costs much more than $49.99.. We're talking about a thousand dollar difference! Yet, with only fifty bucks, you can find something equally majestic and have some money left over for more goodies. You can buy the rug here.

2. White Birds of Paradise Plant - $19.98

Those who follow me on Instagram might know that I've affectionately named my Birds of Paradise, "Horace." Horace has been with us since we moved into this cozy apartment last year, and he has been thriving in this space ever since. He has always brightened up our mornings. Everyone needs a Horace. Get yourself a Horace today by clicking here. Having plants in your home will also help filter the air and boost your health, so the more plants you have, the better! The fiddle leaf fig and the snake plants are also in style right now. They seem to be present in almost every boho room that I see, and for good reason. They're absolutely wonderful!

3. Moroccan Throw Pillows - $4.98 Each

I am obsessed with Moroccan patterns, especially when they come in cobalt and white. Make your couch look happier by purchasing one or two of these beauties here

4. Modern Accent Table - $49

I would actually love to have this metal accent table, but I got my accent stool for $19.99 so I can't really complain. Unfortunately, I couldn't find the exact replica of my stool but here is an expensive alternative for those who are crazy about it. This is also a fun little accent piece.

5. Boho Wall Hanging - $30-$40

Ever since I discovered the existence of the macrame through my casual design research, I was immediately hooked. It blew my mind how this simple piece of art could transform a room entirely. With the macrame, my walls instantly look more interesting and visually appealing. You can purchase my handmade macrames hereEvery piece is one of a kind and made with absolute integrity, so you can be sure that no one else will have the exact same piece of art hanging on their walls. Have fun shopping! :)

6. Crates Coffee Table - $13.99 Each crate

I noticed that quite a bit of comments revolved around my coffee table, which, I'm convinced, was the easiest DIY project on planet Earth. Here is where you can get these crates, and here is how you can make the table yourself!

7. Floor Lamp - $95

This is the exact floor lamp that I have in my living room. It is so worth the investment! Lighting is the key element to set the mood in any room. I just happen to adore overhanging floor lamps. You can purchase your own by clicking here!

Well, those are all the major components to recreating my studio. I truly hope it helped you in your journey to curating your own creative space! I know that there were a few items I didn't mention, so if you want to know where I got certain things, feel free to ask me personally or in the comments below! Thank you for reading! :)