How to Decorate Your Bedroom for Fall

Fall is such a beautiful time of the year. It marks the transition from the humid summer to the brisk, chill air of winter. Fall is a brand new beginning of sorts. If you've experienced a low summer, the shedding of red and yellow leaves should remind you that newness is inevitable; that change will come. Fall is also the beginning of HalloThanksMas, the string of holidays that never fails to get us into the festive mood. With such a special season finally coming to fruition in sunny Los Angeles, of course I had to redecorate my bedroom to reflect my love for autumn! With the help of CStudio, I was able to make my room as warm and cozy as possible. Check out how I did it!


Fall, to me, isn't so much about the colors as it is the overall tone and details in between. Of course, a warmer tone would be more appropriate for the season, so I opted for the Avenue Duvet Cover as my base color. 


The blush was then complemented by the Macrame Pillow and the Woven Shag Pillow. These neutral pillows provide a gorgeous finishing touch to the overall warm, blush tones. I backed it by the Stone-Washed Pillows in Quartz for a natural ombre look.


The hardest part was figuring out how to make the rest of the bed look more interesting. I didn't want to use a loud-colored throw, or even one with patterns, because it would've distracted the eyes from the beautiful pillows. Instead, I opted for the Distressed Cotton Blanket in mushroom. Mushroom was the perfect combination of blush, mauve, and mustard. 


By simply rearranging the plants around your bed, you can convey two completely different feels. I kept the look on the right because it was a little cozier and more fitting for Fall.


These CStudio sheets, pillows and blankets were all so incredibly well made. I can't even begin to explain how excited I was to unbox them! To see them online was one thing, but to actually see them in person was just amazing. These are great quality products that I will use for years to come.


I hope you enjoyed this post! All of the fantastic bedding products can be purchased on They carry a wide variety of products that are perfect for Fall, and the quality is just unbelievable. If you're looking for chic new sheets, you can never go wrong with CStudio. Have fun shopping for the new season!!

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