My Full Bathroom Transformation!

I was fortunate enough to already have a pretty awesome bathroom when I first moved in, so the changes that I made were purely for aesthetic reasons. If anything catches your eye, just scroll down the post and you'll find it listed at the bottom! :) Let's get started!



It might be a little dark, but as you can see, the flooring was quite bland, the walls were not true white, and the space gave a very "meh" type of feel. There was definitely potential, though! Everything was new, including the sink, the layout of the bathroom made sense, and the walls were quite high, creating more space overall. 



I changed the tiles using vinyl peel-and-stick decal, applied peel-and-stick subway tiles wallpaper, got a hamper, rug, a plant, some sweet towels, and a succulent shower curtain. Happy with the results!





From this angle, you can see that the color palette actually worked out quite well! A mix of eccentric black and white patterns, balanced by soft green and pink pastels. To me, it's pleasing to the eyes and helps to create a calmer atmosphere. Prior to being renovated, this part of the bathroom looked too archaic. Even though everything was new, including the flooring, the color scheme made it look old and a bit unhappy. Here are more photos of the after:






The tub area was a bit hard for me to figure out what to do because I didn't want to exert too much energy into this renovation, but peel-and-stick wouldn't work if the environment is too wet. So, I decided to spice up the corner with an industrial shower shelf from target. It looks like a pipe running down from the ceiling! Pretty cool.

Extra Details:


Practically speaking, I can't keep my bathroom clean without a coat hanger, so I used this mug rack to hang my clothes instead. There isn't much room for an actual stand-up coat hanger, so this option was a lot more convenient (and stylish)! It's also strategically placed behind this wall so you wouldn't see the hanging clothes unless you move closer to the toilet area.


That mock-vintage iPhone speaker is a must-have for me-- especially when I get ready in the morning. This is my zen zone! 


The wall behind me was the only place I left empty, with the possibility of hanging a nice canvas or perhaps a cool wallpaper pattern. We'll see! I hope you liked this post overall :). If you did, please feel free to "like" it, share it, and leave a comment about what you liked best about this transformation!

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