Spring Bedroom Styling Tips and $1200+ Sweepstakes!

Did you know that colors and design can actually affect our moods? Our environments impact our state of mind, so that's why I've always been intentional about what I allow in my living space. I'm definitely NOT saying that there's only one look you need to achieve in order to promote positivity in your life - even dark colors and edgy designs can inspire and motivate! The point is to be intentional about your color palette, furniture, prints, and the quality of each thing you choose to let into your space. Treat your bedroom like it's a sanctuary and you will reap the benefits of each time you step into your room.


I've long established that I'm not a minimalist by any means, but I do love a clean look. It makes me feel more calm and peaceful when my environment is filled with happy colors. For this spring, I've chosen to go with natural pastels to mimic the beautiful wildflowers and luscious hillsides I saw in Tuscany. The exact color palette can be found below!


To achieve this look, I got the Steps Organic Percale Duvet Cover Set, along with Macrame Pillow, Woven Shag Pillow, a pink furry pillow I found on eBay, dessert plants and the incredible wooden pallet bed from PalletBedz. I love this company because they made my teenage dreams come true by creating the perfect DIY wooden pallet bed that's actually MEANT to be slept on-- which means no harmful chemicals and no creepy crawlies anywhere!


Here's the jaw-dropping news!

You can actually win the exact replica of my bed: from the pillows, to the bedsheets, to the entire pallet bed itself! Cstudio is currently holding a sweepstakes with Pallet Bedz to give one lucky winner a $500 Cstudio gift card and a pallet bed of her choosing. That's more than $1,200 in retail! Just follow Cstudio and Pallet Bedz to find out the exact rules for participating in the sweepstakes - if I were you I would HURRRYYY!! The sweepstakes ends on June 15th!! ^_^


If you want to decorate your home for spring, I recommend focusing more on textures rather than a lot of colors. There was once a time when I couldn't get enough of colors, but now that I'm a little older, I'm starting to see the beauty in simplicity. Maybe this view will change again when I'm in a different place in life, but for now, I'm learning to appreciate the subtle details and quality of things.

The Steps Organic Percale Set caught my attention because it gave the illusion of texture without overwhelming the rest of the bed. The Macrame Pillow and Woven Shag Pillow also give a dimension and movement to the space in a tasteful and elegant way. They pair beautifully with my couch, too! Here's a photo:


Back to the bedroom! Ollie usually loves Cstudio bedding anyway (the boi has good taste!), but this time he couldn't stop smiling. He's been begging to go on the bed much more often these days, too. This might sound a bit superstitious, but again, there might be some science behind whether or not animals are also impacted by their living environment. If the tones are bright and happy, Ollie definitely seems happier and more interactive. When I slack off for a few weeks and the room is a mess, he either stays out of it or starts acting up and chewing on everything. A clean, spring-ready bedroom makes for a springy doggo. 


Another styling tip would be to add plenty of greens to your bedroom because - duh - it's spring! This is something you don't have to hold back on because I'm a firm believer that there can never be too many plants. If you're gone all the time like me, I recommend that you mix real cacti with faux plants. You can go on a two-week vacation and those bad boys will still look as good as new!

DSC03170 10.29.07 PM.JPG

For a more cohesive design, I also got the matchings shower curtain for my restroom! That minimalistic print is really something special. It brightens up all my spaces, regardless of the surrounding design. LOVE it!

To recap, here are the tips, products, and sweepstakes details:

  • Tidy up your room by only keeping/displaying things that make you happy

  • Try neutral-pastel tones for a calmer feel

  • Add tons of plants! (Real and faux)

  • Follow Cstudio and Pallet Bedz to win a $500 gift card and a free wooden pallet bed!

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