Week 17 - How to Live Purposefully

These are the ten points of what it looks like to live a purpose-driven life:

  1. You have a deep understanding of God’s immense love for you.

  2. You know that His love for you isn’t based on what you’ve accomplished, but on the fact that you are His beloved child.

  3. From the overflow of that love, you yearn to live out His purpose for you by being a good steward of the world that He’s given you.

  4. You want to make a positive impact on the world, not because it will bring you recognition, but because you want to love the people and creations in it.

  5. No matter what job you’re given in this season, you do it with joy and purpose because you know that it doesn’t define you, and even through the hardship, this is only for a season.

  6. Your eyes are fixed, not on what’s ahead, but what’s above. You understand that there’s always a deeper reason as to why God brings you through trials.

  7. Even through the seasons of suffering, you’re able to surrender your pain to the Lord and push forward with confidence.

  8. You firmly understand that your life is about service to others, not yourself.

  9. Even in the vague seasons, where God seems to go silent and there are no signs pointing you in any certain direction, you will wait on the Lord before making permanent decisions. When God wants to wait, no one can make Him move. When He begins to move, no one can stop Him.

  10. You are in constant communication with the Lord, acknowledging His presence and activity in your life every step of the way.

Reflection Questions: Which point do you struggle with most at the moment? What can you do this week to improve?

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