Tea Tasting at Home!

As much as I want to be a coffee person, my stomach just doesn’t agree with it. So by default, I’m a tea person— but no complaints here! There are plenty of teas that are absolutely delicious, healthy and effective. What I love about tea is its versatility. You can drink it to de-stress, relax, wake up, detox, diet, and so much more. Different teas have different nutritional values, but they’re generally packed full of antioxidants that are wonderful for your body.

The first time I went tea-tasting was in Bali. I wish I could’ve bought everything I tried. They were so delicious and the ingredients were all homegrown!

To pay homage to my time in Bali (since I’ll be visiting again pretty soon), I’ve decided to have some relaxing tea-tasting time at home. I tried six different organic teas from Flora Health:

If you want to find out how each one tastes, scroll down! :)


Echinacea Elderberry Tea

While the echinacea and elderberries add the floral and fruity notes to this tea, the South African rooibos plant gives it a more complex, earthy tone. I enjoyed the taste of this tea a lot, but it definitely has to grow on you first. The elderberries are really noticeable— so yummy.

Overall rating: 4/5


Imperial Green Tea

Everyone’s gotta have a stash of classic, high quality green tea in their cubby. The Imperial Green Tea is fragrant, pure, and organic. I can truly taste the quality. No complaints whatsoever!

Overall rating: 5/5


Cranberry with Rooibos Tea

I’ve had cranberry iced tea before, but it tasted nothing like this. I was shocked at how clearly the cranberries came through. A wonderfully sweet, tangy, earthy tea that’s great for mornings and afternoons.

Overall rating: 3.5/5


Double Ginger Tea

WHOA! I love ginger, but this one was spicy. They weren’t kidding with the name “Double Ginger Tea.” If you are an absolute ginger addict, this tea is for you. As for the rest of us, I imagine it would be more bearable when diluted with more water and honey. I’ll definitely be making a cup of this when I have a cold!

Overall rating: 3/5


Soothing Chamomile Tea

Not gonna lie— I’m a little biased towards chamomile tea. The aroma, the comforting taste… AAH the whole shabang! I just love it so. My favorite go-to tea when I’m in distress. Flora Health’s Soothing Chamomile Tea is among the best chamomile I’ve ever had.

Overall rating: 5/5


Sleep Well Tea

A hint of chamomile, lemongrass, and spearmint. Just wonderful. This was my first time trying this blend and I was delighted. I think it might be my new favorite!

Overall rating: 5/5

If you’re a tea person like me, I would highly recommend that you give some of these guys a try. I mean, anything from Flora Health would be a great choice, but why not treat yourself to a nice little tea-tasting experience at home while soft piano music plays in the background? Ahh, the relaxation. ^_^


Next time, I’m going to mix these teas in almond milk, creamer, honey, and a bunch of other ingredients to create my favorite recipes for each! Can’t wait to show you all :).

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