How to Transform Your Shoes with Detachable Straps!

To all my traveling ladies who want to travel light but also have different looks prepared for the ‘gram: I’ve found a genius solution for ya’ll. Check this - detachable shoe straps.


That’s right, ladies! I can literally transform my plain heels into four different shoes with these detachable straps from Straplets. I mean… think of all the money and SPACE you would save just by nabbing these babies!


It’s really simple to put on. All you do is select your size (Small fits sizes 5-6 1/2, Medium fits sizes 7-8 1/2, Large fits sizes 9-11) and then slip it over your preferred pair of heels once it arrives. The only catch is that your heels have to be less than 2” thick, so these won’t work with those overly chunky stilettos. Otherwise, the Straplets will look extremely seamless on your regular heels. I love them!

The current selection:

I got the T-Straplet and the Mary Jane for myself and I couldn’t be happier with how easy they are to slip on and off. I’ve got my eyes on the Criss-Cross next!


The T-Strap features beautiful brass/golden studs that look fantastic dressed up or down. I love pairing these with jeans, chunky cardigans, and grungy band shirts. Such a look!

The Mary-Janes are a little different but I love them just the same. If you want to make your heels seem more feminine and dainty, then just slip on the Mary Jane Straplets and voila! You’ve got yourself an adorable pair of Mary Jane heels.

For being so cute and inexpensive, these Straplets are game-changing!


Right now, I’m partnering with Straplets to give away TWO STRAPLETS of your choice before they even hit the market! Click below to enter:


Trust me, these Straplets are going to make it big. They make it so easy for the comfy-casual girl to dress her shoes up or down for any occasion. Since I love to travel, I only need to bring one or two pairs of shoes and my two Straplets. In the end, it’ll look like I brought a ton of different options. A serious bang for my buck!

Check out Straplets’ website here and follow them on Instagram for more inspo!

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