How to Create a Romantic Loft Bedroom Look

Happy Valentines, Girl & The Word readers!! Whether you're celebrating this wonderful holiday with your gals, S.O., puppy, or even just yourself, it's always the right time to give your space a romantic glow-up! Thanks to the magic of Cstudio, I transformed my room into a pink haven for me and my little puppy, Ollie. This is also the first time I've revealed my new bedroom to readers, so I'm pretty excited to share this photoshoot. Enjoy the decor!!


The key to achieving this look is all in the bedding products. The bed is the focal point of my room, so I made sure to pick quilts and covers in the exact hues and textures that I wanted. The Rose Studio Quilt by Cstudio is a complete game changer. The moment I set eyes on its gorgeousness, I knew it would help me achieve the look I was going for: cool and contemporary, yet still soft and feminine. I paired this quilt with the Rose Studio Pillow Shams and Avenue Duvet Cover in Blush. The textured pillow on the accent chair is also from Cstudio, and you can purchase it here. As you can tell, I'm a proud Cstudio fanatic!!


The brick-like texture of the Studio Quilt really complements the fine wafer texture of the Avenue Duvet. The color combo was also a HUGE win. I couldn't stop staring when I first put these two together!


Even Ollie loved the textures! He was rolling around in it nonstop. ^_^


My little boy standing on the ultra-soft Studio Quilt.


Loving you is indeed easy, you little adorable monster. ❤


This has got my favorite photo of the whole setup! My gosh, that beautiful brick-textured rose quilt just steals my heart every time. Now I want a cream-colored one just to do another modern-luxurious look!


In addition to the Woven Shag Pillow (pictured on the chair above), I also have the Macrame Pillow... which I absolutely ADORE! Ya'll gotta check it out on their website.


The thing I love most about geometric furniture is that it looks different from every angle. Perfect for photoshoots!


Is there such a thing as too many roses? NO WAY!!! The more, the merrier, please!


A simple and clean shot of the gorgeous blush-and-rose color combo.


He reeeaallly didn't want to get off my bed after this shoot hahahah.


I think the coat hanger really adds a nice modern touch to everything. It's definitely not the focal point of the room, but it adds a lot of supportive value.


The look, straight on. I'm so happy to share it with all of you!!


That's all! I wish you a perfectly enjoyable Valentine's season. May you find all the key decor pieces that make your heart flutter! There's nothing better than coming home to an inspiring space, and Cstudio definitely helped me achieve that goal. Here are all the items in this room:

If you have questions about the print, I made it myself! Otherwise, enjoy creating your own look! And check out Cstudio's website and Instagram for more bedding inspo! :)

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