DIY Ornament Tassel Throw Blanket


Haaaappy holidays! I’ve officially been hit by the DIY train. I just CAN’T STOP!!! But I have a feeling ya’ll aren’t complaining because it’s entertaining to watch me make stuff that I could just otherwise buy to save time, loool. It’s all very fun and therapeutic, though! Plus, the things you make at home can always be customized to your liking. The same can’t be said for bought items.

Without further ado, today’s DIY is this super fun ornament tassel throw blanket I made in 15 minutes! The best part is there is NO SEWING required. Ya girl ain’t got time for that and I know you’re probably in the same boat, so let’s get started.



1. Cut the ornament strings evenly


2. Line the ornaments 12” apart from each other on the LONG SIDES of the blanket

If you have any intentions of actually using these blankets, please don’t put the ornaments on the short sides of the blanket because you don’t want them to itch your face when you’re snoozing.


3. Poke a hole in the blanket with your screwdriver/pencil

This step might sound extreme, but I assure you that it is nothing of the sort. The blanket I use was incredibly soft and forgiving, so I didn’t actually rip any threads in the hole-punching process. I merely pushed the threads aside to create an opening for the next step. Make sure to poke holes 12” apart from each other (wherever you plan to attach the ornaments).


4. Tie the ornaments to the blanket

Pull one string through the hole you’ve created and tie a knot with the remaining string. Make sure that all the knots are on ONE SIDE of the blanket! :)

Continue tying knots with the ornaments on both sides of the blanket until you have something like this:


So cool and unique, right?! When I saw these tassel ornaments, I KNEW I had to have them. There are so many things I can do with them, such as creating a boho holiday garland, holiday macrame, tasseled pillow, or simply just hang them up on the tree!


I hope you enjoyed this fun and easy tutorial! Please feel free to share it on Pinterest and follow me if you haven’t yet! I’ll post even more DIYs this month so keep an eye out for some goodies!

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