How to Create a Midcentury Gallery Wall

My walls have been through a lot - from a full-fledged vertical garden to sticker decal, it's basically been a very expensive canvas for me so far (lol)! But the one thing I've always wanted to do was to create a gallery wall. I didn't pursue this route because, honestly, I haven't found any gallery walls that I've loved. There are some nice ones, but they just weren't my style. I wanted to achieve something between classic and modern, which is kind of nuts. But then I found Desenio.

They literally have thousands of prints to choose from, so you can achieve any kind of look that makes you happy. I spent hours scrolling through their website and I still couldn't finish browsing through everything, but that just tells you how great their selection is! The best part was that everything was so darn AFFORDABLE! For someone who's been trying to save every penny because of my recent travels, I was in no position to splurge on a gallery wall. Thank goodness they have such great pricing!! Forget diamonds - a girl's best friend is a gorgeous print shop with tons of stuff under $10, am I right??

To make things even better, they've agreed to give my followers and subscribers 25% off all prints for the next TWO DAYS! My promo code "girlandtheword" ends on June 7th so scroll through as much as you can to find the prints you love for cheap! CLICK HERE for their website. 

You'll also find a bunch of free templates ranging from small to large, so you won't be overwhelmed by the endless possibilities. They even have an inspiration page! SO USEFUL!! I used one of their templates as a starting point to create my own custom gallery wall and I've listed all the dimensions below.


What I love about this gallery wall is that it was exactly what I was looking for: a blend between classic and modern. There's even a bit of a Californian dessert edge to it. I also love the quality of the prints. For the price, you get very sturdy paper with amazing ink details. I bought plenty of prints from Etsy before (at a much higher price) and none of them matched up to the simple $20 prints I got from Desenio. Can you hear my regret? Hahahaha

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite templates!

Gallery Wall Templates from Desenio:







Those are only a few free templates from their large selection. You can check out the rest of them here. If you need a bit more inspiration, you can see how these templates were styled in different bedrooms via Desenio's Instagram shop and Inspiration page.


I created a separate look for my bedroom. A good rule of thumb is to pick images that genuinely make you happy. When I read these prints, they bring a smile to my face! You want your bedroom to be a positive place, so keep it that way with your prints!


I opted to not get any matching pairs of prints this time, but I definitely love prints that come in pairs. Here are a few of my favorites:

My Favorite Pairs:

My Wishlist:

Of course, a girl can't always get everything she wants... so those were the prints I saved for later! LOL :) Tbh sometimes I just browse their website aimlessly for inspiration because it makes me so happy. I hope you'll love your prints as much as I love mine. Remember that the promo code "girlandtheword" is only valid till June 7th! 

Have the best time shopping for your next gallery wall! :)

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