4 Gorgeous Room Designs for 4 Different Budgets


Since I created my last blog post documenting where to buy all of my studio decor, a few of you have messaged me about listing more budget-friendly alternatives. So, I decided to create four different looks for ya'll! Some of these items are repeated because they fit into multiple budget brackets, so don't be alarmed if you find cheaper items in the ~$250 or ~$350 looks! :) I wish I can help you decorate your room personally, but of course I'm just one person.. so this blog post is the next best thing! I can't wait to see how your room will come together :). Have fun shopping!

*Remember that "good design" is, to an extent, subjective. Just pick items that you're in love with and your room will naturally come together!*


Style: Pinterest Perfect Bachelorette | Up to $100


Style: Midcentury Modern | Up to $150


Style: Contemporary Chic | Up to $250


Style: Industrial Boho | Up to $350

I hope these looks inspire you to create something absolutely awesome! Make sure to share this post and subscribe for more design tips and recommendations! :)

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