Styling an Industrial Studio with Abstract Art

As a lover of prints, I've been trying to find the perfect abstract artwork for my industrial-style studio apartment for the longest time. When I stumbled upon Samantha Kaplan's work, my jaw DROPPED. She creates some of the most stunning, emotionally captivating pieces I've ever seen. Believe me when I say that choosing a piece was just so hard to do. I literally wanted everything! Just to show you a glimpse of her work, here is a print of her painting called, "The Release." 


Above is the actual painting of the gorgeous ocean waves. I chose it because I feel at peace when I'm surrounded by water. By Kaplan's words, "The Release was inspired by the beautiful, powerful oceans in Montauk, NY. Montauk has always held a special place in my heart. It is the one place I have always been able to find clarity in my life. I felt so empowered by the waves and the energy in the air. We all face difficult situations in our lives, and we end up being stronger and wiser because of them. This painting represented letting go of the past and bringing the bright future that was ahead of me, where I could continue to learn and grow."


When you're a print lover like me, there just isn't enough wall space to display all the different artworks you probably own. That's why I have a fun tip for you: frame your prints and organize them around your industrial space as though they are actual paintings. Lean them against your walls and store them under bar carts. This will add such an awesome, authentic vibe to your industrial space! See below:


Along with original art prints, Kaplan also offers free wallpaperscustom commissions and tutoring. How awesome is that?! 


Above is my second favorite piece, titled, "Sacred Land." Kaplan's abstract depiction of nature and use of pastels are just mesmerizing! I think I might get this one next! As for now, I'll just enjoy my serene painting of the ocean.. ^__^


Pictured above: Morning Bloom (left) and Nightfall Ambiance (right). The awesome thing about industrial design is that it allows for a mix of textures and colors. Since the exposed brick, cement wall, and general decor are already so neutral, you can channel your love for color through your chosen artworks!

Pictured above is the breathtaking "The Uproar" print in Kaplan's "Oceans" series. She described it as "a representation of a burst of energy. It tells the story of a powerful wave coming alive, having a mind of its own, in the impending darkness." How beautiful is that?! Kaplan's art is nothing less than powerful. As for now, I'll just enjoy my calming masterpiece below...


To purchase Samantha Kaplan's artworks, visit her website at Here's her full contact info:

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