How to Style Your Furniture with Geometric Animals

I’ve always had a love for geometric decor and it definitely shows in the way I decorate my space. Something about the clean angles and lines are just so satisfying to look at. Maybe this is just a psychological attraction to symmetry. Either way, when the artists from Varaluz started designing animals in geometric forms, I lost it. It wasn’t difficult for me to get the entire set of herbivores in gold-accented white. If you’re in need of some chic tabletop decor or shelf accents, these beautiful geometric animals will do the trick for you. Check out how easy it is to style them!

1 6.JPG

As a Centerpiece

You don’t have to even think or have any sort of designer eye for this type of decor. Just line them up in a row and bam, you’ve got your centerpiece. Everyone who saw this thought it was so cute!


As a Bookend

Rather than letting it sit on the shelf purposelessly, you can use it as a chic bookend to hold your novels in place. Novel and practical!

DSC06442 2.JPG

As Paperweight

On the shelf, it acts as a bookend. On the table, it acts as paperweight. The cutest paperweight you’ll ever have!

Click Below to View Each Piece:

DSC06359 2.JPG

More Ceramic Beauties:

DSC06358 2.JPG

Even More Styles:

1 6.JPG

I hope you love these ceramic zoo animals as much as I do! For the record, the beautiful marble/gold table I featured in this post was also from Varaluz. Varaluz is a home decor and lighting company that carries some of the most unique items I’ve ever seen. In my opinion, their creations are worth much more than what they charge because of its originality, quality, and overall beauty. I highly recommend their products! Check them out on social media if you want more inspo as well! :)

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