How to Apply Wallpaper Without Paste

I'm currently moving into my new studio in LA, which means a massive redecoration project is currently in the works. I basically bought everything I needed at once: wallpaper, furniture, lighting, seating, decor, you name it. One thing was especially hard to find, and that was the right brick wallpaper. They were either too orange, too red, or too pristine. I wanted a faded, industrial look to my apartment. When I finally found the right wallpaper on Etsy, I bought it immediately. To my absolute horror, it turned out to be non-removable! :( I scoured the web for ideas on how to properly apply it and found this amazing article by Erin Spain. She taught me everything I know about how to make non-stick wallpaper totally removable. I'm going to show you the process below! It's super simple and doable for anyone!

Materials that you'll need:

  • Painter's tape

  • Double-sided tape

  • X-acto knife

  • Scissors

  • Wallpaper of your choice

1. Line Your Corners

By applying painter's tape first, you'll make the removing process a whole lot more doable in the long run. If your place is a rental and you can't afford to leave any scratches on the wall when you move out, use painter's tape before you apply double-sided tape!

Be sure to get the tape as close to your corners as possible! The corners will require more double-sided tape than the middle portion :).

2. Line the Outlets

Any potential place where your wallpaper can stick out awkwardly requires more tape and attention to detail than the middle portions of the wall.

3. Measure Your Wallpaper Roll

Make sure the ends of your wallpaper land on some measure of tape because this is where the wallpaper will "meet," so to speak. Putting tape where the wallpaper rolls meet will prevent them from becoming undone.

4. Start with Stripes in One Direction

Whether you choose to do horizontal or vertical first, it will be much easier if you stick with one direction at a time. The removing process will also be a whole lot less arduous if you did it this way rather than trying to create a fancy lattice pattern. I added more tape towards the two ends of the wall because I thought it needed it for some reason, but you don't have to do that x). I don't think it's really necessary!

5. Apply Double-Sided Tape on Everything

I doubled up on double-sided tape near the edges, trying to cover more surface area so the vulnerable parts of the wallpaper will stick better to the wall. For the middle portion, I only used one strip of double-sided tape per line!


Now you can easily apply your wallpaper as if it's totally removable! It should go on smoothly, and the double-sided tape should be quite forgiving towards mistakes. I was able to remove and reattach some rolls rather easily. My wall is approximately 15 x 20 ft and the entire process took me about four hours. Check out the results below!

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