3 Game-Changing Gold Accent Decor You Need ASAP!

If you love gold accent decor, oh do I have the perfect picks for you!!! I’m so happy you’ve found your way to this place. Without further ado, let me introduce you to some of the most gorgeous gold accent decor I’ve ever seen. These are unique conversation pieces that can absolutely transform your space and make even the most amateur designer seem decent.

The stopwatch mirror

Okay, not only is this stopwatch mirror from Varaluz the most gorgeous mirror I’ve ever owned, it’s also super meaningful in the way that it was designed to reflect the concept of time. It reminds me to appreciate how I look in the moment because I’m never going to be younger than how I am in the present. It’s also a beautiful reminder for me to stop and rest; hence, I hung it right next to my home office.

PS - I accidentally threw away the top piece of the mirror, so it’s actually supposed to look like this:


It’s also great for selfies, as you can see! The mirror quality is excellent and doesn’t distort your reflection no matter what the temperature might be.


Here are a few other gold-accented mirrors that I love:


The gold grid table

Nothing says, “Chic!” quite like gold grids and marble. I just.. *sigh*. Such a beautiful combination!!! This table has been featured multiple times on my Instagram and people are still loving it. I don’t blame them— it’s a game-changer!

DSC07544 2.JPG

Ollie loves it so much, lol! He climbs on it at least once a day to just lay on the cold marble. Interesting doggo. Here are a few other gold accent tables that I 100% would buy:


The gold accent tabletop decor

Now, you might not think that a measly little tabletop accent piece can do much, but it’s categorized as game-changing for a reason. These little guys are chic as HECK! You can style them a hundred different ways because they are just so versatile. I wrote a whole blog post about how to style them here!

DSC06442 2.JPG

These are all my favorites from the gold accent collection (I have them all):

I hope you gained some decor inspo from this post! I’m always a huge fan of gold accent, so please feel free to show off your design ideas to me in the comments below! Let me know which one of these pieces you’d love to have!!! Here’s a final hooray from me and Ollie:

taco 2.JPG
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