GTW Mobile Presets

10% of your purchase will go towards helping the homeless in Los Angeles through the trusted organization, Union Rescue Mission.


get warm, vibrant photos

GTW mobile presets bring hidden colors out of your shadows while preserving the integrity of your original photos. It's perfect for both amateur and professional photographers who want to achieve that crisp, HDR-like effect without going overboard.

Once you make your purchase, the mobile presets will be emailed to you along with a free guide with clear instructions on how to make the most out of your photos. It's extremely easy to set up, simple to use, and the results are absolutely stunning.

1. Open the preset package on your computer

2. Download the Lightroom App (FREE)

3. Follow the video instructions

4. Create beautiful photos on your phone!



Unlike other niched presets, GTW presets were meant to make all your photos look fabulous, whether your feed is about travel, home decor, lifestyle, food, pets, or anything else.

Your purchase will come with a guide on how to adjust the presets based on what niche you're in and the look that you want to achieve. It's extremely simple to set up and produces swoon-worthy results every time.


adjusted for all exposures 

It's disheartening when you buy expensive presets from an influencer that you admire, only to find out that none of their presets work for your overexposed or underexposed images. That disappointment ends today.

GTW presets can be easily adjusted for any and all lighting exposures. In fact, photos tend to turn out better when your images are a little underexposed.



Gone are the days of difficult computer-edited photos. GTW mobile presets allow you to produce professional-quality images from the comfort of your own smartphone. 

Each purchase comes with a personal guide to help you make the most out of your presets, so you won't have to navigate this thing alone. It's easy, fun. and super user-friendly!


increases engagement rates

While trying to switch from the home decor niche to the lifestyle niche; a bold jump that can result in the loss of thousands of cherished followers; I've discovered that the key to keeping a high engagement rate was to use a warm, vintage-style filter that makes my lifestyle posts fit nicely with my home decor posts.

After spending more than $200 buying different filters from other influencers and downloading expensive apps, I couldn't find any that produced the exact look that I wanted. I decided to set out on a journey creating my own filter, and my engagement rates shot back up. I stopped losing followers and instead gained new ones who supported my new niche.

If you're looking for a filter to make your feed look more cohesive no matter what you post, the GTW presets are for you.



After being nearly homeless for two weeks while I was going through depression and anxiety, I experienced a small taste of what it was like to not have a place to call my own. Now that I'm able to make a living showing off my house to everyone, I want to use this privilege to bless those who are still in the streets.

The Union Rescue Mission is a respected homeless shelter in Downtown LA. I've volunteered for them several times before and have witnessed firsthand how immensely important their facilities are to the local homeless population. Many workers at the URM were once homeless themselves, but have now received the help they need and are giving back to the community.

This place changes lives every single day. It's a tangible difference. They haven't reached out to me for this promotion (or even know that I'm doing this for them), but I've experienced their amazing work and would love to back them up with money from this GTW presets project.

10% of every purchase will be donated to the URM to provide food, shelter and clothes for the homeless. If you would like to donate more, please feel free to do so below.