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Tea Tasting at Home!

As much as I want to be a coffee person, my stomach just doesn’t agree with it. So by default, I’m a tea person— but no complaints here! There are plenty of teas that are absolutely delicious, healthy and effective.


I'm an Influencer, and No, I'm Not Embarrassed.

Learn how to leave the “bimbo blogger” stereotype behind. This is the first article of a new series called, Truths of a Blogger.


My 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

Now that we’re all gearing up for Hallothanksmas, I’ve decided to put together an official holiday gift guide for ya’ll! I’ve found the perfect store for even the more difficult person to shop for: RedBubble.

1 10.JPG

Objects for Outfits!

There’s this magnificent hashtag on IG called #objectsforoutfits and I've been so inspired by all the creativity I’ve seen there, so here’s my take on objects for outfits!


Going Raw with Raw Sugar Living!

When it comes to raw living, you don’t have to always sacrifice your current diet to indulge in better ingredients and high quality products. Any solution that you allow to sit on your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream, so your skincare routine makes a huge difference as well.


5 Ways to Create a Cozy Space

With the help of Society6, the incredible decor company that supports talented artists and prints their designs on tens of thousands of products, I decided to remake my entire living room! The results were absolutely stunning. Just take a look!


How to Turn Your Bedroom Into a Floral Haven

Floral walls, floral pillows, floral bedsheets and just about every other piece of decor that you can possibly imagine. Why hold back if your one and only goal is to surround yourself in a floral haven?!

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3 Game-Changing Gold Accent Decor!

If you love gold accent decor, oh do I have the perfect picks for you!!! I’m so happy you’ve found your way to this place. Without further ado, let me introduce you to some of the most gorgeous gold accent decor I’ve ever seen.


My Favorite Wellness Drink Recipes!

I hope you’ll enjoy my favorite wellness tonic recipes! Don’t ever think that health supplements have to be boring for it to be good for you. These yummy tonics from Flora Health should tell you otherwise! Have fun with these recipes and create your own!