I've always liked having long, luscious hair, but sometimes that doesn't always go with color dyes. Thank God I found a natural and healthy solution: 'Like a Virgin' Coconut and Fig Hair Masque from Coco & Eve. It contains fig, shea butter, and raw virgin coconuts from Bali to help restore softness and shine to broken hair strands. Read More » 


What is Girl & The Word?

Girl & The Word is a faith and lifestyle blog, created for your inspiration and edification. The girl is me, Anh Luu, and The Word refers to the Holy Scriptures.

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Faith, Lifestyle, Design

You'll find articles about faith, interior design, travel, trends and blogging advice here at GTW. This is a one-stop shop for all of your creative and adventurous needs.

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Decorating for St. Patty's Day with Cstudio Home

While thinking about St. Patty's day and all the traditions that usually come along with it, I couldn't help but to think about how to spice up my room without making it appear too green and... shamrock-y. Lol! 


"LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me."

— Psalm 30:2


Sustainable, Flu-Fighting Cleaning & Disinfecting Solutions 

Not long after I embarked on a mission to find better cleaning products, I discovered pHur Water— an innovative, meticulous and passionate company that combines science and technology to create the most efficient and safe cleaning solutions one could ever hope for.


You Are of Infinite Worth

When I lost every treasure in my well of worthiness, I slowly became unhinged. My inherited lack of boundaries began to show. I controlled other people but I couldn’t control myself. Read about how I came to realize my true source of worth.