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What is Girl & The Word?

Girl & The Word is a faith and lifestyle blog, created for your inspiration and edification. The girl is me, Anh Luu, and The Word refers to the Holy Scriptures.

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Faith, Lifestyle, Design

You'll find articles about faith, interior design, travel, trends and blogging advice here at GTW. This is a one-stop shop for all of your creative and adventurous needs.

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Exploring the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Tuscany

Visiting Florence was like entering into a real-life painting. Every street corner; every alleyway was picturesque. Among the peach-colored buildings and gothic cathedrals lie the famous Uffizi Gallery, one of the largest museums in the world.


"LORD my God, I called to you for help, and you healed me."

— Psalm 30:2


You are of Infinite Worth

When I lost every treasure in my well of worthiness, I slowly became unhinged. My inherited lack of boundaries began to show. I controlled other people but I couldn’t control myself. My anxiety and depression spiraled out of whack, and I landed in the mental hospital for 72 hours on suicide watch.


My Holy Grail in Positano

Knowing that I was going to travel to a different country, I packed the most important skincare products I had to ensure that my skin wasn't going to dry out and crack like it usually does when I travel abroad. Do any of you guys encounter that when you travel?