The Best Restaurants in Positano

I came to Italy in search of an unforgettable dining experience, and I've got to admit that nowhere else in Italy served up as marvelous a meal as Positano. For one, it was nearly impossible to get a bad view from any restaurant of choice. You seriously just can't go wrong when it comes to dinner-with-a-view in this little town. But that's not the only exquisite aspect of dining in Positano - it's the entire package that comes with it. Many restaurants don't have menus because they just cook up whatever is available in the farmer's market that morning. Other restaurants allow you to relax on their private beach after your meal. Here are my favorite dining experiences in this special town. Enjoy!!

1. Casa e Bottega

This amazing little cafe provided such an excellent brunch for us because their menu was so different from the gazillion pounds of carbs that we had to endure day in and day out (pasta is delicious, but too much of the same carbs makes one crave something lighter after a while). Casa e Bottega serves up fresh smoothies from farmer's market ingredients, delicious acai bowls in the morning, light salads, creamy coffee, and a host of other yummy items you won't want to pass up. This cafe is perched atop the little hill, right off the side of the main road. It's clean, stylish, and everything we could've wanted from a brunch restaurant. If we could go back in time, we would've gone to Casa e Bottega for brunch every morning.


Here I am walking up the main road, littered with cute little shops on both sides and framed by a ginormous mountain that makes you feel like you're in an episode of Jurassic Park (the latest one, where they built an outdoor mall in the dinosaur park). Anyway...


Those fruits and veggies aren't just for display - they actually take from those fresh ingredients to make your food!


The inside is clean and minimalistic.


We ordered the mango smoothie (I forgot the actual name but it used fresh coconut water as the base - SO YUM), egg and toast, chicken avocado salad, and some creamy coffee. 5/5 would highly recommend!


2. La Tagliata

This incredible family-owned restaurant should be in its own category because it was such a jaw-dropping dining experience. Words can't possibly express how happy we felt from eating here. La Tagliata provides a shuttle that picks you up from wherever you are to take you to the restaurant, which is literally located right off the edge of the cliff where the sun sets brilliantly. There is no menu here - they serve you a full 5-course meal with drinks based on what they could find in the market that day, and one portion is enough to make two people full for the next two days. In the end, it was only $40 per person. We would have paid much more for the same experience. At La Tagliata, we got to enjoy the unbelievable ocean views with live music while munching down on our mouthwatering five courses. I can definitely cheers to that a few times.


This is one of the friendly chefs, who was responsible for grilling our meat to perfection.


The unsurmountable views.


The course started off with a cold-cuts appetizer plate with fresh buffalo mozzarella. 


Some greens and beans that were cooked perfectly before the pasta sample plate was served (not pictured).


After pasta was meat. They gave us a steak, a chicken kabob, some sausages, and rabbit meat. I didn't try the rabbit but I'm sure it was good if you're into that stuff.


No meal is finished without dessert. They served us a piece of fruit cake, chocolate-covered ice cream, and a fruit tart. Oh yes - and a fruit salad.


The live music was divine!

3. Da Adolfo

Da Adolfo also didn't come with a menu because it changes every day based on the market's ingredients. We had a fresh bowl of mussels, a caprese salad and some wonderful panna cotta. You have to walk down quite a bit of stairs to get to Da Adolfo, but the experience was more than worth it. Plus, you don't have to walk back up because they provide a free ferry service back to downtown Positano every 30 minutes. The restaurant also has its own private beach, so feel free to relax with a refreshing drink or sunbathe in one of their comfortable lounge chairs. I still dream about this experience sometimes.


The panna cotta was sooo good.


In my opinion, there's truly nothing better than sunbathing at the beach with a full belly when you're on vacation. Yes, immersing yourself in a new culture is nice and exploring historical sites is interesting, but it doesn't feel like vacation when I'm doing those things. This right here in the photo - me with my honeyboo on the beach with sunny skies and a comfortable Bumble towel draped across my legs - this was vacation. 


In case you're wondering, I brought my own towel because these places rarely provide you with towels, and if they do, it's just kind of gross to use other people's old, hard towels. I bought mine from Bumble's Amazon store in the color Violet. It was plush, light, absorbent and super luxurious. If you're going to the beach this summer, do yourself a favor and invest in one of these babies! Subscribers and followers will get an automatic 10% off discount when you use the link provided. Feel free to choose from the entire classic collection to find a color that fits your own personal taste:


The violet color photographs so well and looks so beautiful in real life. So glad I got this color!!


While I was walking around with my towel draped over me, this doggo came out of nowhere and asked for a belly rub!


*I die*


Such is the life. This doggo definitely embodied the local mindset of il dolce far niente, or 'the sweetness of doing nothing.'


Our beautiful experience at Da Adolfo was topped off by a fun little boat ride to the city center.

4. Ristorante Da Teresa

Ristorante Da Teresa is a special place that's only accessible by boat, so if you can imagine, the dining experience here was no less amazing. After a fantastic morning spent on a brand new yacht, we were taken to this hidden restaurant for lunch. I knew it was legit the minute the host took out a plateful of fishes that they have caught earlier in the day. The seafood here was as fresh as can be. I ordered the grilled prawns and Jonathan ordered the pasta with sea bass. The host filleted it right in front of us with a fork and spoon! Afterwards, we changed into our swimsuits and explored the private beach. Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.


When he brought out the fresh caught seafood!


Filleting the fish. Yummmmay!


Nothing short of amazing.


Sunbathing time!!


Of course, I brought my Bumble towel again for the beach! It's the same towel as my violet one but in beige. So luxe! 


We went for a short swim while on the yacht and they provided these thin pieces of cloths that they called towels for us to dry off. Everyone had to deal with that absurdity except for us because we came prepared with Bumble! :) The towels were portable enough to fit in our bags, but just in case you're not a light traveler, these towels also came with its own canvas satchel for your convenience. Such thoughtful packaging on their part!


Here's the exact towel I brought with me! It's as soft as a cloud and so worth the investment. Gets softer with every wash so you'll never end up with one of those old, scratchy towels (no thanks!). 


5. Ristorante Santa Croce

Okay, this restaurant is not exactly in Positano, but you can take the bus to Nocelle for about $2 and get dropped off near this incredible gem. Luckily for us, our Airbnb was literally RIGHT NEXT DOOR to this restaurant, so we got to indulge as soon as we left our home! Not only are the views amazing (you see the entire downtown Positano light up at night), but the food was also on its own class of quality and affordability. Compared to the food we had in Rome, Ristorante Santa Croce was a Godsend. We ordered the octopus salad, mixed seafood tortellini, and a beef salad. Everything was incredible delicious and well-priced. Good job, Santa Croce!!


You can bet I ate every last drop of that seafood tortellini! SO bomb!!

Welps, that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed this list of recommendations! I would eat at these five restaurants every time I visit Positano, so you have my word that they are 100% legitimate. I wish you all the best with your travels! Let me know which restaurant you would like to try the most!!

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