Living the Dream Life in Positano

Positano truly is heaven on earth. I've never seen any place like it before, with dozens of cliffside hotels built inches apart from each other and Insta-worthy views between every nook in the city. When we arrived on shore, we couldn't stop wondering how the locals managed to make literally every part of the city so picturesque. Seriously, you can close your eyes, spin around, point at a random wall and it will make for a gorgeous photo. And that's only the manmade stuff. When we arrived at our airbnb, the spectacular views of the Amalfi Coast completely took our breath away. The intermingling of mountains and cities, boats and sea made us lose our MINDS. Gorgeous was an understatement. Just take a look below!


The building behind me is our wonderful airbnb! It's right next door to a delicious restaurant called Cafe Santa Croche, which I HIGHLY recommend. The best dining experience I've had in Italy so far!


Here's the spectacular views from our rooftop. So. Friggin. AMAZING!!!


Another shot of me lounging in our chair overseeing the beautiful cliffside. Excuse my awkward pose but I'm sporting Yandy's new zodiac lingerie and lace robe in this photo - both are SUPER cute and perfectly comfy. Total vacay vibes~


The lace detail on this virgo-inspired lingerie set is so elegant and intricate. I'm absolutely in love!! It matched the dark green mountains behind me :).


Of course I threw on a beautiful robe for you guys to spare you of any hoochiness hahaha. I just wanted to model the virgo set for you ladies, that's all! Yandy has an entire collection of zodiac-inspired lingerie wear, so check it out here if you want to see what design they came up with for your sign! Their loungewear is already quite affordable for their high quality items, but feel free to use my promo code "ANH20" for 20% off anyway!


I hope ya'll enjoyed this quick tour of my Positano rooftop and the mini photoshoot I had in my brand new robe and elegant loungewear! Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter below and follow me on Instagram for more travel + lifestyle updates! Also, which Yandy set do you like most from your zodiac collection? Comment me the link below! 

This post was proudly sponsored by Yandy and all opinions are completely my own. The code "ANH20" can applied for 20% off your entire order. Happy shopping!

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