Who Gives a Crap? | Eco-Friendly & Humanitarian Toilet Paper Review

Who Gives a Crap? | Eco-Friendly & Humanitarian Toilet Paper Review

Oh, toilet paper. What a thing we've taken for granted. I still remember buying my first rolls of TP as an adolescent and being completely ripped off by the horrible quality I got for the price. I'm not going to diss any brands here because it was my fault for not educating myself with the different types of TP (especially because it's a basic necessity). It's actually quite hard to find TP that's both durable, eco-friendly, and affordable.

Well, today we're going to put Who Gives a Crap toilet paper to the test to see if 1) it's comfortable, 2) good for the environment and 3) good for your wallet.

Let's get started!

My First Impression

Who Gives a Crap definitely nailed their designs because I was actually happy upon opening my large package. "Who gets happy seeing toilet paper?" you might ask. Someone who's come to grips with her adulthood and has decent taste in design, I'd say. I mean, compared to all the tacky designs that you see on "mainstream TP" packaging, this qualifies as next-level hipster. I love how intentional they were with making you look forward to unwrapping each roll as though it were a present. There were even some funny red ones that said, "EMERGENCY ROLL!!" on them, but with a brand name like "Who Gives a Crap," I wouldn't expect any less. Also, the rolls were pretty darn substantial. These aren't your average standard size TP rolls. These are double length jumbo rolls. I'm still trying to find a place to store these because they're so pretty and I bought so many of them, so right now they're literally displayed on my bookshelf. I don't even care because I feel so proud of my beautiful toilet paper, LOL!


What It Feels Like

I'll be honest - didn't expect much because the paper itself didn't look really special or anything, but man oh man. It has the softness of high quality toilet paper and the strength of freaking paper towels. And it takes twice as long to run out than my usual rolls because it's durable and JUMBO. As much as I love beautiful design, I care much more about my sensitive butt and these rolls have passed the wipe test.


Is It Good For the Environment?

The number one reason why I decided to try Who Gives a Crap was because I heard about their impact around the world. Their toiletry products do more than helping the environment; it also helps the people who live in harsh conditions. They donate a whopping 50% of their profits to create high-impact sanitation projects around the world. So far, they've donated almost $1 million USD. Of course, their products are also made from 100% recycled paper, so you can wipe your bum in perfect peace, knowing that you're supporting an extremely altruistic and high quality company.

DSC06539 copy.JPG

Is It Worth the Cost?

I got the 48 rolls for $48 bundle, which might sound like a lot, but when I crunch the numbers, it actually costs less than my usual go-to brands. Remember that these rolls are jumbo size and they're durable, so you need much less of it each time you wipe your bum. It amounts to 25¢ per 100 sheets. So, taking these factors into consideration, I would definitely call it a worthwhile investment.


Final Verdict

I loved Who Gives a Crap even more than I thought I would because their quality, above all, blew me away. It warms my heart to know that there are entrepreneurs out there who still care about integrity and giving back to the needy. Consumers like myself would usually have to pick between the quality of the product and its environmental/humanitarian impact, but Who Gives a Crap has gone above and beyond to create products that are both impactful and effective. I am so proud of this company and I highly recommend it to you guys.

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