The Best Sustainable, Flu-Fighting Cleaning & Disinfecting Solutions (Perfect for Kids, Pets, and Plants!)

The Best Sustainable, Flu-Fighting Cleaning & Disinfecting Solutions (Perfect for Kids, Pets, and Plants!)

This is a rarity for me, but I've got to say that I've never cared so much about cleaning until I got my puppy, Oliver. Something about being a dog mom flipped a switch in me, and now I'm obsessed with finding natural, pet-friendly cleaning solutions that can clean the "puddles and piles" without filling the air with toxic chemicals.

I started out not really caring about what goes into these cleaning solutions; focusing my efforts on finding the best-smelling and strongest cleaning agents on the web. I bought Pine Sol, Lysol, Clorox, Swiffer products, and just about anything else that had over a thousand reviews on Amazon. Yet, after just days of using each of these products, I began to notice some shortness of breath and coughing when I applied too much on my floors... which got me thinking, "If I'm coughing just being home for a few hours, how would Ollie be affected if he's so low to the ground and licking the floors all the time?" :(

This thought completely broke my heart. I knew I had to find a safer solution; something that is pet-friendly, plant-friendly and sustainable, yet doesn't compromise on effectiveness.

Thank God for giving me an answer just on time. Not long after I embarked on a mission to find better cleaning products, I discovered pHur Water— an innovative, meticulous and passionate company that combines science and technology to create the most efficient and safe cleaning solutions one could ever hope for.

To my utter disbelief, Mark Nagano, the Director of Technology at pHur Water, agreed to come over to my new loft last weekend for a demonstration of his product. You can see how captivated we were just from the pure passion and intentionality that came from Mark and his company.


Mark gave a fantastic explanation of what sets pHur apart from other "natural" cleaning products— it doesn't rely on any harmful chemicals or bogus botanicals. It's so safe, in fact, that you can drink the solution and be just fine. It's been tested thoroughly in labs and has been used to disinfect schools, hospitals, and even airplanes. That's how you know it's safe for your own home!


Also, plants love this stuff. Some of pHur's biggest customers are actually farmers. They use it for production and handling of organic food products on acres and acres of plants. pHur doesn't harm the plants in any way possible, even though it kills 99.99% of most bacteria and viruses (including Salmonella, H1N1 flu, and much more). It's also odorless, which makes my home smell so much purer than the chemical gasses expelled by my previous cleaning agents! Needless to say, me and Ollie were over the MOON!! ❤

This was the alkaline solution he used to clean my countertops, door handles, sinks, toilet bowls, and other key areas in every house that collects the most bacterial growth. You can purchase it here. It's only $12.95!!! Such an affordable price for an EPA-approved, hospital-tested, sustainable cleaning product that's completely non-toxic AND leaves no residue.


Mark used the Greenspeed Original Microfiber Cloth in conjunction with the pHur Cleaning Water to show me the jaw-dropping before-and-after of my stove. That thing was so polished, I could see my own reflection! The Greenspeed Microfiber Cloth comes with the pHur System Kit, which is sold on their website for a mere $30.95. The cloth has more than 862,000 microfiber blades per sq. inch, compared to the basic microfiber cloth with only 540,000 blades per sq. inch. This can be used hundreds of times on almost any surface— especially countertops, toilets and cars!!

Pictured is the pHur System Kit, which comes with:

  • 16 fl.oz. Cleaning Water
  • 16 fl.oz. Disinfecting Water
  • 2 fl.oz. ON-THE-GO Disinfecting Water
  • 1 Greenspeed Original Microfiber Cloth

You can buy your own by clicking here.


Then, Mark brought out this adorable (yet powerful) electrostatic sprayer to disinfect my entire loft, including the surfaces we can't reach. It was truly impressive to witness how this lightweight machine was able to put an electrostatic charge on the solution  to envelope the entirety of all surfaces, including furniture, walls, windows and accesories. 


Notice that none of us had to wear masks throughout this entire process. Even with the solution spraying everywhere (and I mean everywhere), it was completely non-toxic, odorless, and great for my plants and puppy. Ollie didn't even sneeze once! :) 


With flu season in full swing, it's more important than ever to arm yourself with the right cleaning solutions. Your family, health, and overall wellbeing depends on it! I wouldn't rave about this product if I didn't believe in it wholeheartedly. After doing much of my own research on pHur and its sister company, Zerorez, I'm now a committed fan.

If you've been looking far and wide for an effective cleaning agent that's family-friendly, great for the environment and conducive to your indoor garden, pHur is the way to go. Hands down. I've already got tabs on the System Kit and monthly refills

Visit their website or call 844-USE-PHUR (844-873-7487) for more information on this magical cleaning water! ❤

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