How to Spice Up Your Wardrobe for Summer!

How to Spice Up Your Wardrobe for Summer!

I've mentioned this in a previous fashion post, but this summer's trends are resonating with me much more than any other trends. I just feel like the mix and match style works so well for all different body types; thin to thick gals alike. I love simple, classy pieces that can be dressed up or down, including bracelets and other complementing accessories. I'm all about being resourceful with my outfits, but I'm also not willing to sacrifice style for the sake of convenience. Everything that I'm featuring in this post can be mixed and matched to make a perfect little summer wardrobe.

I got this two-piece set from Boohoo for 50% off and I'm pairing it with my Lyon and Attica bracelets from Victoria Emerson. I love adding a touch of boho to all my outfits because it goes a long way. Without the bracelets, the outfits look quite boring on their own.


My shoes are from Tom's :). I'm only switching between two pairs of shoes throughout this entire post, but it looks a bit different from outfit to outfit. That's what flexibility and convenience is all about!


Here are all the boho accessories from Victoria Emerson featured in this post! They're like my babies now because they make it so easy for me to spice up my summer outfits without really trying. I can literally throw on any boho bracelet from V.E. and it'll match with what I'm wearing - I don't even have to think about it!


This yellow two-piece set was also from Boohoo. I paired it with the same pair of shoes from Tom's and the same bracelets as my previous outfit. This two-piece set can also be mixed and matched with the previous set for a neutral look that's still super cute and stylish!

This jumpsuit sent to me by Dailylook. I paired it with my ASOS clogs, Free People bag and the Attica bracelet.


I got this orange tube top and flared pants from Pretty Little Things. I paired it with the Attica bracelet (See? It goes with everything!!).


This time, I paired my look with the Lyon bracelet.


I got this knotted tube top from Pretty Little Things, my culottes from Amazon, my shoes from Tom's, and I paired this outfit with the Spokane and Attica bracelets.


The same culottes paired with a tied crop top from Amazon. Spokane and Attica on my wrist.


Love my collection of Victoria Emerson bracelets so much!!! They are seriously life-changing. Takes the hard work out of prepping my outfits for going out or photoshoots x). Hit the like button if you want more style tips and feel free to Pin the photos that you love!

Also, check out V.E.'s website and Instagram for more boho vibes~ it's where I drew my style inspiration from!

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