Saving My Hair with Coco & Eve's Hair Masque!

Saving My Hair with Coco & Eve's Hair Masque!

I've always liked having long, luscious hair, but sometimes that doesn't always go with color dyes. It seems like I always have to choose between dying my hair or keeping it long and healthy :(. If I grow it out while coloring it, my ends become a fried and nappy mess! That's why I had to cut off 6 inches of my locks a few months ago-- despite loving the length, I couldn't deal with the crispiness of the dried ends anymore. I thought that was the end of it... until the ends of the new 'do start giving me the same crispy problems again :|. I FREAKED out because I thought it meant I had to cut it even shorter!

Thank God I found a natural and healthy solution: 'Like a Virgin' Coconut and Fig Hair Masque from Coco & Eve. It contains fig, shea butter, and raw virgin coconuts from Bali to help restore softness and shine to broken hair strands. Not only that, but it's also super nourishing for your scalp so it doubles as a dandruff treatment!! Oh yes, this was also a HUGE selling point for me: it's completely free of cancer-promoting agents like parabens and irritants like gluten, phthalates and sulphates. I always try to steer clear of products that contain those chemicals because they strip my hair of its natural oils and cause more damage over time.

Here's the gorgeous Coco & Eve package that came in the mail:


It turned out to be SO cute. Every purchase of their natural hair masque also comes with a free tangle tamer shown below:


1. Start with clean hair

The ideal hair for this is after you've showered, when your hair is a bit damp. Mine was already dry, but still workable!


2. Apply a dollop of the coconut hair masque

Massage the incredibly yummy-smelling coconut hair masque into your scalp and down to the ends of your hair. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off.


3. Let it dry naturally  and see the results!

The hair in the "before" picture is actually how my hair looks naturally because it's so damaged. It used to be stick straight... now it's so broken that it's obtained an odd, wavy texture out of nowhere. Coco & Eve's coconut hair masque definitely smoothed it out and gave it a lot more shine! Look at that frizz control!!


That's right, girl! Lock that frizzy 'do up where it belongs: far, far away!

One wonderful thing I should mention about the masque is that it's beneficial for ALL hair types. Within just one wash, you'll notice a difference right away. My hair was damaged by coloring, heat and styling, and this product totally saved it from suffering the same fate as before! The virgin coconuts and shea butter definitely restored the softness back to my hair while hydrating my scalp and taming my crazy flyaways x).

They're also 100% PETA-approved, vegan and cruelty-free. Here's a word from their website: "Sulfates are what make your hair products create a lather and foam - but they cause skin irritation, strip hair of naturally occurring oils and can cause hair loss; Parabens are harmful chemical preservatives that go into many conditioners that have carcinogenic effects; Phthalates are plastic gelling agents used to enhance fragrances, they can cause skin irritation." Of course, this product contains NONE of those nasties!


I can't express how grateful I am for this company. They are so intentional about creating an ethical hair product that actually works. I used to put straight virgin coconut oil into my hair, but it just made it super oily and really uncomfortable.. which made me sad because I LOVE the smell of coconut oil. Now, with the virgin coconut hair masque, I can experience that same delicious smell without any of the greasy residue afterwards. This stuff is just so wonderful!!!


Also, did I mention that they were the first beauty company in the WORLD to ever put a secret hidden message at the bottom of the hair masque jar that also contains a discount code for the next order?! I can't wait to finish my jar, seriously!! It's about halfway there right now x). I can't get enough of this hair masque. Get it for yourself or your sweetheart! They won't be able to stop sniffing your hair and you won't be able to stop touching it because it's sooo lush and soft! ^_^

You can purchase the product here! Enjoy!! ❤

Follow Coco & Eve on Instagram or Facebook for more demonstrations on how to effectively use their natural hair products! 

*This post was sponsored | All opinions are my own

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