Reviewing My Health-Conscious Haul with iHerb!

Reviewing My Health-Conscious Haul with iHerb!

*This post was proudly sponsored by iHerb. All honest opinions are my own.

Growing up with a father who was the top of his class in agricultural engineering, I'd always been interested in learning about the nature of plants and its nutritional benefits. Dad would walk me through his garden, explaining in granular detail how to grow sweeter watermelons and graft corn. Each herb that peeked out of his rich and well-kept soil served a nutritional purpose for our family. It's no wonder why I can now identify wild edibles on any given street. It's a real survival skill, if you ask me!

One important lesson I've always kept near and dear to my heart was that "nothing good grows out of bad soil." This rings true in agriculture as well as it does in life. That's why to this day, I only trust plant-based supplements that are organic. Their origin matters.

I've recently gone on a health nut spree when I discovered these Nature's Way supplements on my usual iHerb browsing session. Nature's Way has so many plant-based products that are organically grown and ethically manufactured. I bought everything from chlorophyll to coconut oil and activated charcoal! Here are my honest reviews of each product.


Activated charcoal is known to be a powerful detoxifier because it's so absorbent. You can either take these capsules by itself or crack them open to make different charcoal recipes. Yes-- you heard that right! I broke two capsules and mixed them in my coconut water for a refreshing, detoxifying drink full of electrolytes and vitamins. Other things that I would like to try are charcoal cupcakes, muffins, bread, ice cream and ravioli. It doesn't really taste like anything but the black coloration makes all your recipes super interesting. AND it's detoxifying. I loved this purchase.


2. Organic Coconut Oil


Organic coconut oil is all the hype these days, so I had to find out for myself how good it is. The one I got from Nature's Way is extra virgin and certified organic, which makes it ideal for cooking. Sometimes I just scoop a spoonful to moisturize my hands or take my waterproof makeup off, too! I love how this product is so versatile and smells so heavenly. Definitely going to run out of it soon!

3 & 4. Melatonin and Probiotics


I grouped these two together because the melatonin is taken at night whereas the probiotics are taken in the morning. The melatonin absorbs quickly and promotes a restful night's sleep. According to its descriptions, it also "contains no Vitamin B6, which can lead to nighttime restlessness when taken late in the day." Take it just before bedtime for a more complete 8 hour's rest. The probiotics can be mixed in a shake or taken as is to help aid in digestion. If you're experiencing acid reflux often, this would definitely help with your bloating and stomach pains.


5. Chlorophyll


Yep, chlorophyll is the green substance in plants! As much as it helps the plants stay green and healthy, it also helps our bodies, too. Chlorophyll is known to promote skin healing, which is why it's used in so many skincare products. It improves the quality of your red blood cells, giving you more energy and healing power altogether. All I do is add a few drops of it into my water bottle and drink up. It doesn't taste like anything! :)

6. Echinacea Purpurea Herb


The Echinacea purpurea from Nature's Way is carefully grown, tested and produced to certified quality standards. This is a gentle, natural way to boost your immune system and reduce symptoms of colds, flus, and other infections. 


I did a lot of research on each product prior to buying them, so I knew what to expect and I'm completely happy with my purchases. I'll probably be using the coconut oil the most because of its versatility and I'm also excited to cook a bunch of different recipes with the activated charcoal! The other supplements are wonderful to just have on hand because they serve very specific purposes. If you're looking for organic, plant-based health supplements that are pure and trustworthy, I highly recommend checking out Nature's Way's vast selection on iHerb. They have everything!! iHerb carries over 400 Nature's Way products that can be shipped to over 160 countries. Our Customer Service team also provides support in 10 languages. I've shopped with iHerb for over a year and I can vouch for their integrity. It's so easy to find everything on their website and I can trust the vendors that they work with because their vetting process is so thorough. Definitely a wonderful place to shop for natural ingredients and supplements.

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