My Hydrating Nighttime Skincare Routine

My Hydrating Nighttime Skincare Routine

As an avid hunter for hydrating moisturizers that don't break me out, I've finally found a nighttime skincare routine that perfectly calms, hydrates, and replenishes my skin like no other. Seriously, I shared some of my night cream with the boyfriend and he said, "What is this? It feels great!" Such is the power of Dr. Schrammek's luxurious skincare products.

I have extremely dry skin everywhere (I'm a flakey monster), but I can pretty much cover up everything except my face. As soon as I apply foundation on top of my usual moisturizers, the flake show begins. It's as if the foundation absorbs every drop of moisturizer I've applied to my skin, leaving nothing but a cracky, flakey mess behind. I can't tell you how many times people have pointed out to me that skin was practically falling off my face. It's not the most pleasant thing to experience.

When I heard that Dr. Schrammek's skincare products were tailored to meet every skin type's needs, I got curious. So curious, in fact, that I got their entire hydrating series. Lol! Let me tell you-- your girl has never been happier about how her skin feels. I tried applying foundation of their Hydra Maximum Day Cream and guess what? NO FLAKEY SKIN! My face felt firm, hydrated, and sooo smooth. This is because their supple cream has been scientifically confirmed to increase natural skin moisture by 41%. That's nuts!!

Since I haven't given you guys a proper nighttime skincare routine, I thought I should introduce you to my new favorite nighttime skincare line. Here are their complete solutions for the following skin types:

To recap, this is the hydrating series that I got from their website. And the good news is that they've agreed to give my readers 15% off on ALL Dr. Schrammek products PLUS free shipping with the code "ANH15". Enjoy:

Without further ado, here's how I unwind with my relaxing nighttime skincare routine!

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1. Whip Up the Mask!

Before I jump into the shower, I cleanse my face and apply a dollop of the intensively moisturizing facial mask, leaving it on for 10-15 minutes. The oil from the Crame Abyssinica seed helps to hydrate even my tiniest dry wrinkles, allowing my skin to take a deeeep breath of fresh air after a long day.


Can you tell that I really enjoy the mask?! Hahaha


2. Rinse Mask, Shower, and Moisturize!

First, I rinse off the mask using a tissue and warm water.


Then, after I shower, I apply the Hydra Maximum Night Cream. It comes with this adorable little scooper that just makes the whole process of pleasant and convenient. 


3. Let the Eyes Heal!

My work (copywriting and blogging) causes some intense strain on my eyes sometimes because I stare at the computer screen for hours, so getting the Hydra Maximum Eye Fluid was a must. It cools the delicate skin around my eyes, allowing it to deflate from all the strain and rest. This serum is perfect for anyone who needs to rehydrate the sensitive skin around their eyes.


I love the eye serum!


4. Spot-Treat those Tricky Areas!

Dr. Schrammek definitely knows what's up because when I say that I have dry skin, I don't mean your usual ashiness or tightened feeling of winter dryness. I'm talking about, "Whoa, is that skin dangling from your nostrils?" type of dry skin. So, my nighttime routine doesn't end at the eye cream, ladies and gents. It's not done until it gets spot-treated with this baby: the Moisture Intense Ampoule


1. Take it out of the smart packaging.


2. Snap off the top.


3. Apply it to the parts of your face that need the most hydration. Mine are my forehead and cheeks!


4. Apply the leftovers to anywhere else on your body, such as your elbows, knees and toes. xP Jk, maybe not your toes.

Voila! You're All Done. :)

That's it! I've found this nighttime routine to be extremely relaxing and effective. I always wake up the next morning feeling like my skin is stronger, well rested, and completely replenished. Not to mention, this line is so incredibly luxurious. The clean and mild smell of their products is so pleasant. My boyfriend and I can't get enough!!

Feel free to use the code ANH15 on your next order to get 15% off EVERYTHING and free shipping. What a steal!!

Here's the info you need to get started:

  • Visit Dr. Schrammek's website for more information on their products
  • Follow the Dr. Schrammek brand on Instagram to stay updated on their skincare lines 
  • User code ANH15 to get 15% off and free shipping on your orders

Good luck!!

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