My Housewarming Party Recap!

My Housewarming Party Recap!

I've recently moved into my new home in Downtown LA (a true testament of God's grace and provision), so I figured that the best way to celebrate would be to have all my beloved friends come over for a sweet housewarming party!

Having a roof over my head is already a huge privilege of its own, since I know what it's like to wander and not feel like you have a home to turn to (but that's a story for another day). If you were to tell me that I would be living in Downtown LA two years ago, I would've laughed and called you crazy. Yet, God's plan really is that crazy. He turned me from a heartbroken, depressed and angry soul into a healed, whole, and confident person for His name's sake. Everything I have truly belongs to Him.

Now that He's blessed me by giving me this wonderful home and a growing online presence, I just want to use it to bless others any way that I can! So, this housewarming represented much more to me than just any other party; it was a celebration of His faithfulness in my life and a declaration that the best is yet to come.

To make such an event even more memorable, I commissioned my best friend's ultra-talented mom to create a "Home Sweet Home" cake. She did an AMAZING job!!! It was the BEST Pinot Noir cake I had ever tasted. Super moist, just sweet enough but not too sweet, and completely decadent. Did I mention that her mom is one of the bakers/cake decorators at the luxurious Langham Hotel in Pasadena?! Check out her creation below:


To be clear, it was actually a two tier Pinot Noir cake with chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries on the top tier and buttercream with fresh raspberries on the bottom tier. I'm drooling just thinking about it. If you have an event coming up and you reside in the LA area, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend her cakes!! Here's her contact:


Aside from Ester's gorgeous and decadent cake, I also ordered some custom desserts from her friend, Yvette Cortez. Seriously speaking... I sent Yvette like 3 Pinterest photos giving her the most vague idea of what I wanted, and she created cookies and macaroons that turned out even better than those Pinterest photos I gave her. I was SO impressed! You can literally give Yvette and Ester any ideas and they will not only understand exactly what you want, but they'll exceed your expectations. Since I already gave Ester's contact, here's Yvette's:


It wasn't before long that guests started piling in!


...Quite a bit of them actually showed up! Do you sometimes over-invite people just in case you're not cool enough and your friends don't show up? I think that's what I did LOL. But then as I took a look at my closet that was spilling over with boots and sneakers of all kinds, I realized that I heavily underestimated my friends. They're great, dependable people. They showed up!


Lots of people also means lottss of FOOD!


Especially the winning platter: chicken nuggets. Lolll


Ollie had such a fun time meeting everyone! The smell of socks must have been intoxicating for him x). He seemed like he was in heaven!


Here's Daniel and Sophia trying to gobble up Ollie!


Then it came time to cut the Home Sweet Home cake with my hunny bunz (even though I live alone). :) Actually, my friend Evelyn cut the cake for me because I suck at cutting cakes..


Do you SEE those incredibly moist and delicious layers? Seriously could nOT have asked for a more sophisticated cake. Thanks so much, Ester!!!


After eating and toasting, we played the oreo game for giggles :). The premise of the game was that everyone needed to put an Oreo on their forehead and somehow slide it into their mouth without touching it. Let me bless you with a few ugly shots of this hilarious process:


Pure gold. lOl


Then came the girls' turn!


I won! But then I'm the host so I can't really win my own giftcard. So, the other winner from the girls' side challenged the winner from the boys' side. And they happened to be dating. LOL!




Michael was really making eyes with that Oreo, lol!


We ended the night with a completely unprecedented performance on my banjolele hahahahaha. Just look at Joe's face in the middle-- it explains everything. Also, kudos to the boyfriend for being supportive of this idea. LOL.

That is all! It was such a sweet and exciting night with my precious friends. We were all completely wiped out afterwards (including Ollie). If there's one thing I hope to leave you with, it's the idea that even greater things are yet to come. I believe that this new home was from the Lord, so I will steward it well and use it to its fullest extent. Thank you so much for following my journey!!!

Cheers to a wonderful 2018!

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