My Current Favorite Summer Styles

My Current Favorite Summer Styles

Summer came a little late to Los Angeles this year, but we're finally hitting the usual 80s and 90s again... which means it's FINALLY time to put away the outerwear and stock up on the cutest trends this season. Last year was all about velvet and crop tops and the year before that was chokers and flannels. I loved it all! Trends are so fun. The only summer trends that really made me cringe were the high waisted shorts that showed both booty cheeks and the corset-outside-the-shirt trend. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess we just needed to get some weird ideas out of our system before we could land on some solid designs! I've got to say that the summer trends this year are my favorite so far. Like, EVER. I haven't felt this way about any other summer trends before and I've lived through 25 summers. This is probably because this season's trends match exactly with where I currently am in life. I feel completely myself when I wear these outfits - not like I'm pretending to be someone I'm not. Have you ever felt that way when you jumped on a trendy bandwagon? I remember tying flannels over my waist feeling like a complete wannabe because that wasn't truly "me," it was just trendy to do so at the time. This year, it's different. I think I've found a style I can vibe with for a long time.

This summer is all about mixing boho with contemporary chic for cool, California, young professional vibes. Even the festival styles are super tasteful! My top favorite summer styles this year include:

  • Two-piece sets
  • Versatile scarves
  • Jumpsuits
  • Culottes
  • Bell sleeves
  • Boho jewelry

Enjoy my styling tips and pay close attention for a special discount at the end!


Here I am sporting a bowtie tube top with chambray culottes, comfortable leather sandals and bohemian-inspired jewelry from Victoria Emerson.


It's flawlessly comfortable, classy, sexy and professional all at once. The turquoise from Victoria Emerson's Lyon bracelet ties the entire outfit together with its tasteful pop of color. I'm all about comfort and convenience, which explains why I only stick with a few statement jewelry pieces at a time. This season, I'm obsessed with bohemian-inspired bracelets. They just look good with every outfit. I think it's because of the interesting gemstone textures and colors! Here's a close-up of the Lyon bracelet I got from Victoria Emerson:


If you can see from the photo, it looks like I'm pairing a bunch of different bracelets to achieve that effect... but in reality, it's just a single bracelet. Talk about consolidation ;)!


What's shown above: the turquoise Lyon bracelet and the silver Attica bracelet. These two pair well together but they also look amazing on their own. I especially love the beading detail on the Attica bracelet because it's such a meticulous detail. Love looking at it!!


Here I'm pairing a faux suede overall dress and a bell sleeve crop top. For wrist bling, I'm wearing with the Attica and Lyon bracelets. Below is a close-up for the Attica:


How gorgeous are these?! I'll show you my other favorite statement pieces in a bit, but can we just take a moment to gawk at their shimmering beauty?! It's so easy and comfortable to wear and completes any look I'm going for. People always compliment these guys whenever I wear them out. Such an eye-catching and tasteful addition to my summer wardrobe!


Surrounding my beloved bracelets is the Persian paisley scarf. Light, versatile scarves are SO in this season. People tie them on their hair and handbags all the time - they even create makeshift tops with them! A light scarf with a pretty print can double as a million different things for your summer wardrobe. I made a crop top with this scarf in less than a minute and my boyfriend couldn't believe it was actually a scarf. Check it out:


So fun, right?!

If you need more inspiration on how to wear a scarf like this as a top, just look to the image on the right. There are soo many possibilities. The best part is that you can minimize your closet space with these scarves because they can literally be transformed into six different tops. Why buy a bunch of summer crop tops when you can just buy a single scarf?!

I hope this post gave you some neat DIY ideas! Let me list a few of my other favorite accessories so you can pair them with your favorite looks:

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Feel free to use the code "GTW30" for a whopping 30% off your entire order! Let me know which bracelet style and summer trend you like best! :)

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