How to Save Money on Purchases with CrayPay

How to Save Money on Purchases with CrayPay

As a millennial growing up in the digital age, I often question how so many people my age seem to be able to afford such lavish lifestyles while I had no other choice but to live an ordinary, frugal life. This curiosity plagued me for years before I finally decided to pursue the digital nomad life full time and work for myself. Now it seems like I have all the time in the world to do projects that spark me, but the lingering sense of frugality has only ever increased. I'm not living lavishly by any means; instead, I'm more aware of the value of money now than ever before. I'm constantly looking for promo codes and deals before I make any purchases. I sign up for credit cards that have greater rewards. Since my paychecks aren't just handed to me every two weeks anymore, I have to be careful about how I spend my money. Still, I figured out a way to buy the things I want and sustain the desirable lifestyle I had in mind without paying the full price for everything.

The answer is an app called CrayPay. You and I are SO FORTUNATE to live in an age where CrayPay exists!! CrayPay essentially takes a percentage off whenever I purchase from any of their national partners, including Coldstone, Home Depot, Chipotle, Sephora, iHop, Domino's, Kmart, Regal Cinema, and much more. This is literally every place that I frequent, so I'm essentially saving money on all my purchases. CrayPay is not a rewards program. All you do is punch in the total amount that you need to pay and Craypay will help you pay a percentage of the bill on the spot. They're like a helpful friend that asks for nothing in return. No strings attached at all.

This means that if you use a credit card with reward points, you will get the benefit of CrayPay's savings on top of your credit card points. It's AWESOME!! I thought this app was so helpful that I reached out to their Co-Founder for an interview. You wouldn't think that such an altruistic platform would exist, but it certainly does... and for good reason. Keep reading to learn more about how you can save money on almost anything with CrayPay from the mouth of the Co-Founder himself, Jared McClure.

 Jumping for joy because every time I buy Coldstone with CrayPay, I get a percentage taken off. Woot woot!

Jumping for joy because every time I buy Coldstone with CrayPay, I get a percentage taken off. Woot woot!

Me: Can you explain CrayPay to the average consumer? 

Jared: CrayPay is a mobile app that aims to [move] the average consumer towards mobile payments. I guess you can say that it's like Apple Pay. We've been in the payment space for a lot of years and from what we've seen, you're not going to be able to change the behavior of individuals if you don't give them a financial reason to do it. So, the entire idea behind CrayPay is to provide a financial incentive for the end user to transition from paying with the plastic card in their wallet to paying with their phone. 

Jared also emphasized how CrayPay is much safer for both merchants and consumers to use than traditional payment methods, eliminating possibilities of fraud and other unauthorized transactions.

This is essentially how you use the app:

1. Download the app

2. Set up your credit card info (it's 100% secure)

3. Go to the store of your choice (you can search by filters)

4. At the checkout, insert the total amount of your purchase into the app

5. Swipe to pay securely on your phone - CrayPay will pay a percentage on the spot and give you a bar code for the merchant to scan.

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In addition to helping you pay a percentage of your purchases, CrayPay will also reward you with CrayCoins whenever you make a transaction through their app, once their cryptocurrency launches in January. CrayCoin is a cryptocurrency, kind of like Bitcoin, but it's intended for everyday use rather than becoming a commodity in and of itself (like what's happened to popular cryptocurrencies). 

Me: Mainstream cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are impractical for everyday use because they are not commonly accepted forms of payment. Where would CrayCoins be accepted?

Jared: Most of these ICOs and most of these cryptos that are out there are being treated like stocks in the market. The last report that I saw showed that there was only about 8% of the population that actually held cryptocurrency. It's kind of funny that we call it cryptocurrency as though it's going to be a replacement for the dollar because right now it's not. Nobody's looking at this in terms of being a replacement currency. CrayPay and CrayCoin, the project, takes the position of, 'Hey, let's move this into an actual currency that you can use to buy goods and services.' Well, the challenge with that is as soon as you say that, you have to create an economy. We will use CrayPay as a merchant network and accept CrayCoin as a payment mechanism. Anybody who uses CrayPay can now spend cryptocurrency for goods and services with all of the merchants that are in the network of CrayPay. If you have Bitcoin, you can convert Bitcoin into CrayCoin and buy anything within the network. 


Me: What consumer pain points are you solving with CrayPay?

Jared: In terms of what we're looking to solve, we are removing fraud. That's a billion-dollar loss every year that's out. We are removing the possibility of even having to carry around multiple cards. I guess all the benefits that align with the value prop of a mobile wallet. 

I frequent places like Home Depot, Lowe's and other home improvement stores, so the fact that CrayPay is willing to cover a percentage of my total purchase and guarantee my payment security is a no-brainer! There's seriously nothing to lose here, guys. They didn't have to give a percentage back, but they're doing it to further convince us to switch to mobile wallets because it's better in every single aspect.


Plants, plants, plants for days!! I spend a lot of $$$ on plants, so any financial help is appreciated.


On this particular day, I discovered that CrayPay also covers a percentage of my Sephora purchases! I went HAM!


From ice cream to beauty products and home decor, CrayPay has partnered with hundreds of different merchants nationwide to ensure that you can securely pay with your mobile wallet without succumbing to retail prices. There's literally nothing to lose! Just download the app and let CrayPay cover a percentage of your purchases -- that's it! No strings attached, no gimmicks, no mistakes. It's awesome. I find myself shopping based on what shows up on my CrayPay app now just to save more money. Try it out and let me know how much you love it!

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