How I Spent My First Week of Self-Employment

How I Spent My First Week of Self-Employment

I quit my 9-5 Copywriting job on the last day of June to pursue blogging full-time, and so far this first week of self-employment has been quite different from what I had expected.

What did I expect exactly? Well, For one, I envisioned a life where I could do anything I wanted at any time, being paid to do these things as I went along. I longed for in-home masseuses to come to my apartment and massage me until I fell asleep to soft piano music, and then wake up to sunshine spilling through my windows and Ollie nudging at my arm.

In reality, this first week at home felt much more like an extended busy weekend than a vacation, with errands, deadlines, work, and play all crammed into random time slots. It seemed like our first priority was to get Jonathan's phone switched back to T-Mobile before his work starts on Monday, but his current carrier had been giving him the toughest time making this switch. We drove around and spent hours on the phone with T-Mobile playing phone tag because Jonathan's carrier kept dropping his calls. It was extremely unnerving, but that's honestly what you can expect from most other providers these days :T.

Jonathan and his family had T-Mobile for the longest time, but they were won over by an irresistible promotion that this other carrier offered. Just two weeks into the switch, they realized they made a huge mistake because their service was horrible everywhere they went, they couldn't browse the internet while they were on the phone (what era is this?? LOL), and the so-called "truly unlimited data" was throttled almost immediately. Don't even think about free international data roaming, lol!

Well, anyway, switching back to T-Mobile was a no-brainer because it turned out that they offered the same deal with even more benefits AND a whole deal of other incentives, such as 25% off accessories for customers and $0.99 for a new SIM card when you add a line. These promotions are web only - and in case you're wondering, the promo code for 25% off all accessories is "BASE25".

Besides the whole phone issue, we tried to squeeze in some fun at the beach for our anniversary and celebrated with our friends during July 4th. Check out our photo recap below!


This booger wants to play whenever mommy wants to relax x).


Getting ready to go to Mastro's!


Excellent food and view. SUCH a wonderful experience.


Heading down towards El Matador State Beach.


Ice cream after a perfect day at the beach.


I'll keep you guys updated with my journey as I go! Since I pretty much spent my first week of self-employment trying to adjust to the time management differences, I'll spend next week getting my schedule together. Here are my top priorities:

  1. Establish a firm daily + weekly routine.
  2. Cook more.
  3. Develop a stricter IG posting schedule.
  4. Develop mobile presets and Instagram e-course.
  5. Dedicate time to just get inspired.
  6. Incorporate rest into my schedule.

Once more, you can check out the 25% off accessories deal HERE with the promo code "BASE25". The $0.99 SIM card deal can be found HERE. Both are web only. Enjoy!!

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