5 Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress

5 Healthy Ways to Relieve Stress

Stress is something we all experience at some point in our lives. Sometimes it lasts for entire seasons at a time. A healthy measure of stress can be good for us, such as the stress of performing well on a test or improving on a skill you've always wanted to hone, but other forms of stress can be absolutely detrimental. When I was going through my most stressful season in life (borderline crippling anxiety), I was left with no choice but to develop a stress-relieving routine to promote peace and calmness amidst my chaotic circumstances. These were all things that truly helped me cope in a healthy way during those moments. My roommate saw me live out this routine every single day and witnessed how it prepped my heart for healing. No matter what you're going through, I hope these coping mechanisms will help you, too. They might seem mundane, but they all naturally have mood-boosting properties so you'll start to feel better when you force yourself to do them. Trust me, I can vouch for it. Let's begin!

1. Tea (Recommended: SkinnyMint Teatox)

When I had both anxiety and depression back in 2015, my loved ones pushed me to seek help for it, and my counselor actually recommended that I try some tea in the morning and before I slept. While rummaging through my roomie's cupboards, I found an unopened bag of detox tea and decided to make the ultimate calming concoction. I steeped the tea and added some lemon, ginger and honey for extra flavoring and immediately felt better. Every morning and night after that, I made the same concoction (with different types of tea) before I started and ended my day. It was an immediate mood lifter.

The tea I drank at the time was either SkinnyMint's Morning Boost or something similar to that (it belonged to my roomie so I'm not sure), but lately I've been going back to this brand and it still promotes that same sense of calm and wellness in my life. The Morning Boost is so yummy and has five invigorating ingredients: green tea leaves, yerba mate, nettle leaves, dandelion and guarana fruits. The Night Cleanse is extremely calming and has eight ingredients: ginger, orange leaves, lemongrass, senna leaves, peppermint, licorice root, hawthorn berries and psyllium husk. Mix it up with some honey and lemon and you've got yourself a wonderful herbal treat.


This Teatox also promotes weight loss and has anti-bloating properties, so you can cleanse your body as well as your mind when you pour yourself a cup. Just drink one a day for 28 days and you'll notice a huge difference in how you feel physically. Here are the ingredients and its individual benefits (I always love reading up on nutrition facts so I thought you'd appreciate it, too):

Morning Boost
Green Tea - energizing, fat burning, immunity boosting.
Yerba Mate - stimulating, curbs appetite, boosts metabolism.
Nettle Leaves - antioxidant, natural diuretic, rids constipation.
Dandelion - antioxidant, nutrifying, digestive
Guarana Fruit - cleansing, endurance, weight loss.

Night Cleanse 
Ginger Root - anti-bloating, digestive aid, aphrodisiac.
Orange Leaves - rids constipation, sleep aid, smooth skin
Lemongrass - relaxant, pain relief, anti-bacterial.
Senna Leaves - natural laxative, anti-bloating, weight loss.
Peppermint - anti-bloating, digestive & colic relief.
Licorice Root - antacid, soothes menstrual cramps.
Hawthorn Berries - circulation, anti-anxiety, digestive.
Psyllium Husk - natural laxative, promotes colon health.

2. Read Helpful Books

Yes, this implies that there are unhelpful books. You might think that any engaging book might be able to distract you from the current stressful situation, but some books might actually cause more anxiety than you'd expected. Go for self-help books written by specialists or encouraging books by credible authors. As for me, I read a mixture of the Scriptures and Christian self-help books. Top recommendation is Boundaries by Henry Cloud and John Townsend. Book-reading can also be coupled with your tea time for maximum comfort.


3. Play with a Pet

Nowadays, I use my business to justify not spending as much time with Ollie... but whenever I get myself to chase him around the house, we both have an absolute blast. Playing with your pet releases endorphins that will give you immediate relief from your momentary anxiety. 


4. Create a Peaceful Sanctuary

Here's a fun fact: I started my home decorating journey because I was desperate to create a safe haven for myself during that stressful year (2015). Prior to going through all that, I had no real interest in home decor. My room was always a mess. Once I realized the power of shaping your environment, I began taking home decor more seriously and designed my room to give off happy and positive vibes. Now that I'm in a better place, I want my apartment to exude peace and calmness by incorporating solid colors with familiar arrangements (a plethora of small plants, the organized gallery wall, and the breakfast tray on my bed).


5. Hang up Affirmations and Reminders

Sometimes creating a positive vibe means putting up explicit reminders on your walls to keep you accountable to your goals. Although there were plenty of hilarious and sassy prints that I loved, I chose to only feature positive messages in my sanctuary because I knew that words are powerful and whatever I allow will perpetuate.


Welps, that's all! These might only be five tips, but you don't need a whole bunch of random ideas that might or might not work. You need strategies that have already been proven to work. Plus, getting yourself to do just some of these is already hard enough when you're going through strife. If you don't have enough time to do them all, I highly suggest just sticking with the tea and the wall affirmation plan. Those two things don't take too much time and you'll be promoting emotional and physical wellness in the process. You can check out my current tea recommendation here. It's yummy, cleansing, and works super well for detoxifying your body and in turn, your mind. It also keeps me from overeating when I'm stressed out because of its appetite-suppressing properties. When your body is kept in tip top shape, your mind will start to feel better, too.

To top it off, you can even use the code "GNTWSM" for 10% off your Teatox and gummies! :)


Have you ever experienced a period of detriment in your lives? If so, what practical things helped?

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