October 2018 Income Report - $9,515.50


October Recap

I might sound like a broken record because I seem to say this every month, but October has been my highest-earning month so far. I can’t thank God enough for this incredible provision. I aimed to earn $8,000 - $9,000 this month and I ended up earning an unbelievable $9,515.50. Just last year, the thought of making this much money seemed nearly impossible. I netted an average of $2,600 each month with my office job; barely making enough to pay off my own rent. I honestly have no idea how I survived with only that much money in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Most months, I literally lived off of just $500 after paying rent, which includes gas, food, entertainment, and other expenses. Who knew I had it in me to be that frugal? Lol! x) Anyway, thank you so much for supporting me all this while. I wouldn’t have this platform if it weren’t for you all! I’m closer to retiring my mom than I had ever been before. Every time I think about this, it brings me so much excitement and joy!! Let’s dive straight into the earnings and expenses.


Lifestyle Brand Partnerships (Food, Skincare, Health Supplements, Pets, etc.) – $3,398

Home Décor Brand Partnerships – $1,275

Fashion Brand Partnerships – $3,450

Travel Brand Partnerships – $800

Mobile Presets – $592.50

Total Earnings: $9,515.50



Clothes for photoshoots – $225.78

Props/décor for photoshoots – $211.56

Editing apps – $41.92

Giveaways: $394

Donation to Union Rescue Mission (10% of my mobile presets) – $59.25

Total Expenses: $932.51


I took away Adsense and replaced it with my preset promos, which seemed to raise some sort of awareness for my mobile presets, but I haven’t done enough to track the results of these new sidebar promos. I’ve spent 3x more on giveaways this month, which is definitely worthwhile because I’ve grown from 60,000 to 83,000 in one month! That’s actually insane. Although many of my new followers are from South America, they engage with my content and often leave very sweet comments. I think I’m going to invest $1,000 in giveaways next month to see how well that performs. Although this isn’t the orthodox way of gaining followers, I’ve found the right giveaway partners who work hard to generate high quality results. The last thing I want is a bunch of dead accounts following me!

The engagements really show in my preset sales as well. I’ve gotten more purchases from Brazilian followers lately, which makes me so excited and grateful. Such a cool experience seeing your beloved product being used in different countries!


My first short-term goal is to drive more blog traffic from my Pinterest than Instagram by the end of the year. If you haven’t followed me on Pinterest yet, please do! I’ll be optimizing it this month so you’ll get a LOT of design, fashion, and DIY inspo from it! ^_^ My second goal is to hit $10,000 at the end of November. I’m not sure how feasible this is, but my hopes are high! My third goal is to hit 100,000 highly engaged IG followers by the end of November. The splurge on giveaways will be worthwhile if I work with the right influencers to grow my IG platform. Also, I want to start rolling out newsletters again even though it’s a lottt of work. My subscribers deserve to get the best treatment! I’m currently going through a website revamp, so by the end of the week, you should see the following changes:

·      Adding “Monthly Designs,” where I create room mock-ups to give you more design inspo!

·      Adding “DIY Projects” section

·      Adding “Monthly Favorite Styles,” where I link to my favorite outfits of the month

·      Adding at least two faith articles each month

I’m so excited for what’s to come. The Fall/Winter holidays are my favorite part of the year. I just feel super crafty and inspired to create. Thank you for following my journey! I’m going to add as much value to your time as possible :).

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