July 2018 Income Report - $5,268.31



I decided to start publishing income reports again now that I’ve officially quit my 9-5 job to blog full time. Thank you so much for your incredible support! This is, hands down, one of the most nerve-wracking decisions I’ve ever made, but I believe it was the right time to do it. To be completely honest, this experience has been quite different from what I’d expected in good ways and bad ways. Good ways – I thought I wouldn’t be able to make the rent my first month off, but July ended up being one of my highest earning months! Bad ways – I expected a lot of leisurely time off, but I’ve been working almost every waking hour with no weekends off. Kind of a trade-off to conventional full time jobs because no clocking in and out means that you can basically work till you drop! O_O I’m still learning how to segment my time, but here’s my current *ideal* schedule:

8:30 AM – Wake up

9:00 AM – Drink detox tea and read Scriptures

9:30 AM – Start working

6:30 PM – Stop working

7:00 PM – Walk Ollie, work out, or do something active

7:30 PM – Eat dinner

8:30 PM – Relax and enjoy the evening


Keep in mind.. that’s my IDEAL schedule. This is my realistic schedule:


8:30 AM – Wake up

9:00 AM – Check emails and get overwhelmed by my weekly schedule

9:30 AM – Drink detox tea and read Scriptures

10:30 AM – Work

((Snack throughout the entire work time))

6:30 PM – Walk Ollie while thinking about work

12:30 AM – Stop working


…Yep. I wish I was kiddin, but hey! I’ve just started this journey so I still have time to realign my priorities. Without further ado, here’s my income report for July:



Lifestyle Brand Partnerships (Food, Skincare, Health Supplements, Pets, etc.) - $2,550

Home Décor Brand Partnerships - $1,325

Fashion Brand Partnerships - $570

Adsense: $143.31

Mobile Presets: $680

Total Earnings: $5,268.31



Props for photoshoots: $28.06

Donation to Union Rescue Mission (10% of my mobile presets): $68

Total Expenses: $96.06


Aside from quitting my day job, I also went on my first sponsored trip EVER! The lovely company, Stay Alfred, flew me out to New Orleans for an influencer event and allowed me to stay in one of their luxury Downtown NOLA apartments. You can view the post here.

This switch from the home décor niche to the travel and lifestyle niche hasn’t been easy, but I’m so encouraged to see that my efforts are gradually paying off. Without even having to do giveaways, I’ve been gaining organic followers from the lifestyle niche by making my feed a lot more cohesive using my mobile preset and taking higher quality photos with my upgraded full frame camera (I shoot with the Sony A7Riii and Sony FE 24-70mm f/2.8 GM Lens). Since my apartment is in-facing, I often have to shoot in low light. This full frame camera handles low light extremely well, while the preset I developed brings out beautiful colors from those shadows. If you’re shooting in less-than-ideal lighting but can’t afford a $3,000 camera, you should look into getting the GTW mobile preset to bring more life out of your underexposed photos! It’s currently on sale for $40 until 8/23/2018. Also, 10% of your purchase goes towards helping the homeless!


My goal for August is to increase my earnings from home décor partnerships, mobile presets and Adsense. I hope to reach the mid-$5,000’s to $6,000 if possible. I plan to do this by pushing really hard on promoting my mobile presets, writing regular blog posts that teach my audience how to market their online business/social platforms, and pitching to companies rather than waiting for them to come to me. I also hope to reach at least 38,000 followers on IG by the end of August. The last time I released an income report was December 2017, and I was making around $2,000 a month with 20,000 followers back then. I think my August goals can be realized if I continue to push hard.

I’ll keep you guys in the loop with more updates to come, so stick around for more income reports and other helpful goodies! Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog or following me on IG – I really appreciate it. You're allowing me to live my dream life and I truly can't thank you enough. My ultimate goal is to retire my mom by the end of 2019 because her body is deteriorating from going through so much physical trauma (she’s had multiple surgeries), so I can finally let her enjoy life and rest if I make enough to support her. I hope you’ll keep following along to support my journey!

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