August 2018 Income Report - $6,986.16


August Recap

August has been my highest-earning month yet. My jaw dropped when I added up the total because it completely exceeded my declared goals in the last income report. I made around $5,200 with 36,000 followers in July. I expected to have 38,000 followers and earn around $5,500 - $6,000 in August. Instead, I garnered 47,000 followers and made nearly $7,000 in August. This is all because of your incredible support. Less than a year ago, I lived in the “slums of LA,” as some people called it, and woke up to broken beer bottles and half-eaten food splattered all over my windshield. Now, I’m finally able to afford a beautiful, safe apartment and I’m closer to retiring my mom than I had ever been before. All thanks to you. It’s hard not to tear up just thinking about it, even though I’m still quite far away from my ultimate goals. August had been a wonderful month. I’m so thankful for your love and support. Let’s get right into the earnings and expenses.


Lifestyle Brand Partnerships (Food, Skincare, Health Supplements, Pets, etc.) – $3,885

Home Décor Brand Partnerships – $1,500

Fashion Brand Partnerships – $471

Adsense – $130.16

Mobile Presets – $1,000

Total Earnings: $6,986.16



Clothes for photoshoots – $209.45

Props/décor for photoshoots – $683.13

Editing apps – $45.85

Giveaway buy-in: $100

Donation to Union Rescue Mission (10% of my mobile presets) – $100

Total Expenses: $1,138.43


I think the huge income increase was definitely due to my larger network of followers. After all, this is somewhat of a numbers game. I decided to try out a new giveaway strategy and it paid off big time. You can find the giveaway post here. I think I gained about 3-4,000 real followers from that one giveaway, which I pitched in $100 for the grand prize. Pretty darn awesome! Aside from the giveaway, I also changed up my bedroom quite a bit. From a purely industrial look, I added new wallpaper to give my walls a brighter, more boho vibe. I think it paid off because my bedroom reveal photo turned out to be my most-liked photo of all time, with over 15,000 likes. I think this remodeling project helped me gain around 4-5,000 new followers total. It’s so fulfilling to see people appreciating my work. I can’t wait to create more awesome projects for you guys! On an even brighter note, we've raised exactly $100 for the Union Rescue Mission through my mobile presets!! I'm also ecstatic to hear that everyone who bought the presets are extremely happy with their purchase because it completely transforms all their photos. The mobile presets are currently on sale until 9/4/2018 with the code "GTW2018," so make sure you get the package before the sale expires! The mobile presets can be applied to iPhone photos as well as professional photos, and you don't need to do anything except download the FREE Lightroom app onto your phone. That's all!


Although the earnings were above and beyond my expectations, I need to learn how to better manage my expenses. I spent without thinking twice about my purchases because I was so excited about my work, but with rent, bills, and entertainment combined, my paycheck is basically gone. So, my crazy goal from now until I make $20,000 a month is to spend no more than $500 on food, entertainment, décor and photoshoot props each month. Think I can do it? I’m determined. So far it’s only been the third of September and I’ve already spent $77.94 on the above. YIKES! x)

Anyway, I’ll try my best to budget my expenses and you’ll find out at the end of September whether or not I stuck to my guns. On the other hand, my goal for Instagram is to reach 60,000 followers by the end of September. That would be insane and I have no idea how I will reach that number organically, but a girl can dream. Income-wise, I’m determined to make at least $7,000-$7,500 with around $500 in expenses (excluding giveaways). Let’s do it!!!

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