The Best Night's Rest I've Ever Had - Featuring Nectar Sleep!

The Best Night's Rest I've Ever Had - Featuring Nectar Sleep!

Let me just start this off by saying that I've just gotten into two accidents and currently seeing a chiropractor for my lower back. Almost magically, Nectar Sleep reached out and introduced me to their premium mattress and bed foundation. I checked out their website and the first thing I saw was the headline, The Most Comfortable Mattress. Quite a big claim, right? My initial thought was that it might have been another marketing ploy, but further research showed me just how legit they actually are. You KNOW a company is intentional with their craftsmanship when they aim to be the best in what they create. This mattress wasn't just one thing out of their gazillion products-- it was their speciality; their forte if you will. Plus, I had nothing to lose. My current $250 mattress felt like cardboard and my lower back was killing me.

So, I decided to unwrap the beautiful packaging that they sent me (which I couldn't photograph for you because Ollie completely destroyed it-- he probably thought it was for him)! My first impression of the mattress was that it smelled good. You know how a lot of times, when you first buy a mattress or even pillows, it comes with this really intoxicating, synthetic smell? I just can't deal with that smell at all! The Nectar Sleep mattress smelled clean right off the bat and didn't require any "leave it in the sun" moments.

It was definitely a substantial mattress because it took both me and my boyfriend to lift it. I'm usually pretty good at lifting bedding materials myself, but this wasn't a cheap or flimsy little mattress. It was thick. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I also got the oh-so-modern mattress foundation! WOW. Okay, I pride myself on being a handy woman, but putting together a friggin bed frame is usually hard work and takes hours to complete. I'd be sweating bullets in the end. This bed frame, however, didn't even require any tools at all!! It just snapped together!! *Heart eyes* ^___^

I laid the mattress on top of the frame and it fit like a glove. Then, the real test began: how did it actually perform? I tested it against my achy back and the most difficult sleeper in the world (boyfriend), and... *drum roll* .... we both agreed that it was one of the best night's rests we've had in a while. I was so happy about this mattress that I told my chiropractor about it today! I think he might just get one for himself, lol! ^_^

Alright, enough of the chit chat. Just thought you'd like to know how much Nectar Sleep has changed my life since my two car accidents!! If I could bear-hug the team who invented this mattress, I would. It's soft, yet super supportive and doesn't leave a "dip" where you sleep (a problem I had with my other memory foam mattress). It's sooo incredibly comfortable. I can't imagine going back to my old mattress again. Speaking of which, where can I possibly donate the thing..?

If you have any ideas, let me know! Also, check out the photos below and visit if you want to experience sleeping on a super supportive cloud that makes all your back pains go away!! :)


Building the foundation was super easy! Took minutes.


He didn't want to get off, lol!!


Soft yet firm. It provides a healthy support so your back won't feel sore in the morning!


It's so comfy even Ollie fell asleep! x)


Unparalleled quality.


You can check out Nectar Sleep's website here or visit their Instagram for more information on this amazing brand! Trust me, I'm not the first to rave about them. They're becoming nothing short of iconic in this industry. All the best with your good night's rest! ;)

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