Ring in the New Year with the Daykeeper Journal!

Ring in the New Year with the Daykeeper Journal!

I'm all about planning. I go through planners like nobody's business because I'm super duper picky about my planners. For me to really stick with a planner, it has to have enough space to write out all my crazy daily tasks, it has to inspire me without being tacky, and it has to be portable. And I have great news: I've found the perfect planner. It EXISTS!

The Daykeeper datebook is hands-down the best planner I've ever used. This book is simply a work of art. There really is no other way to put it! It comes in a thoughtful woven baggie with encouraging cards that you can write to others and even yourself. I was so delightfully surprised when I picked up a card to write to my friend, only to flip it around and realized it was meant to be written to oneself. We often forget to be kind to ourselves, so that gesture was incredibly thoughtful on their part.

*NOTE* Their currency is set to Philippine Pisos because they ship from Manila, but it's only about $21 in USD! The currency will convert when you make the secure online purchase! The Daykeeper ships worldwide! :) OR you can call the Urbanic Paper Boutique in Abbott Kinney and have them ship it to you for $8! :)


Below are a few of my absolute favorite pages. The Daykeeper includes plenty of beautiful nature photography, along with Bible verses and quotes that are so beautiful that I couldn't help but to take a moment and write them down in my personal journal. I also love that there's a page after every week that asks, "What made you smile today?" so you can remember to be grateful no matter how the day panned out.

Here is the amazing quote from one of my favorite pages:

To breathe in every moment.

To be fully present in
The time you've been given
With the people whose adventures intersect with yours.

To collect your daydreams
And have the courage to make them happen.

To remember the little things
And to write them down, never to be
Forgotten or lost again.

To step out into the world
Not with a spirit of timidity, but
That of power, love, and self-control.

To be a light in a place of darkness.

To take part in something
Greater than yourself.

To fully come alive
In the here and now
Yet, still be able to look past it.

To live in the light of eternity.

Isn't that absolutely lovely?! Each page has a fantastic quote of that caliber. How can I not be inspired?! On the first day of receiving this book, I flipped through it and went NUTS! I was so motivated to make a positive change that I re-crafted my signature just so I can sign my name in the Daykeeper.


It really is the perfect little planner with fun surprises on every page. I've never quite seen anything on its level before. I'm absolutely in love with this little green book!


Look at all the gorgeous cards this book offers in its little back pouch!


If you want to make 2018 the best year yet, you've got to start off on the right foot and surround yourself with positive affirmations. The Daykeeper will do exactly that. It has everything you'll ever need in a planner: plenty of space for writing, thoughtful and mood-lifting questions, inspiring quotes and verses, and beautiful photography to keep you looking forward to the next page. 

You can purchase your own Daykeeper planner here. I PROMISE you will absolutely love it. Trust me, this is the most perfect planner ever -- and I RARELY rave about planners!

You can follow the Daykeeper on Instagram for daily inspo or visit their website here to find out more about their story! :)

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