My 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

My 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

Whoohoo! Fall came before we even knew it. Now that we’re all gearing up for Hallothanksmas, I’ve decided to put together an official holiday gift guide for ya’ll! I’ve found the perfect store for even the more difficult person to shop for: RedBubble.

RedBubble has an enormous selection of prints from all kinds of different artists, so there’s definitely something for everyone. Check out my top picks below!

PS - Feel free to use the code “H18-girlandtheword” for 15% off from 11/06 to 12/31!


Wall Tapestries

Wall tapestries are super versatile so they make great gifts for your average home decor lover. RedBubble features hundreds (if not thousands) of different tapestries, so you’ll definitely find one that fits your particular taste!


Printed Apparel

Don’t just shop at any generic department store, hoping that your loved one will like the styles that you would like! (I mean, how else can we shop, right?) Welps, a meaningful and thoughtful alternative would be to get their favorite thing printed on a high quality t-shirt or sweater! I got matching corgi gear for Jon and I, and he absolutely loved it!


Hardcover Journals

More people would appreciate meaningful stationery than you’d think! These hardcover journals are perfect for any personality— the serious jotter, quirky doodler, or all-around busybody that just needs a notebook to get his or her thoughts down!


Unique Bedsheets

The bedding selection on RedBubble is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before… seriously a splendor to behold! Just a simple design completely changed the dynamics of my room. I was also blown away by how comfortable they are!


Another cool thing about RedBubble is that they support local artists, so whenever you purchase from their site, a portion of the sales goes to the artists that created these unique prints!

DSC07660 2.JPG

I spent a good day or two scrolling through all the amazing things RedBubble offered, and although I wanted to buy maybe 10,000 things, I opted to only get what Jonathan and Ollie would love most. There are products within the kids and babies category, device cases, stickers, greeting cards, wall art, home decor, stationery, bags, and so much more. I hope this gift guide gave you a better idea of what to get your loved ones this holiday!

Feel free to check out RedBubble’s website and Instagram for more inspo if needed!

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