In Bed By 10

In Bed By 10

I've had an average of four hours of sleep each night for the last two weeks, so I definitely needed some accountability to get my full eight hours in. That's why I'm 100% supporting Cstudio's new spring campaign, In Bed by 10. I told them about my lack of sleep due to stress, restlessness, and not having a proper comforter (my old one got destroyed by the broken washing machine). Upon hearing my first-world problems, they immediately pointed me to their new spring line. The Woodcut Medallion Comforter Set caught my attention with its riveting bohemian patterns and general fluffiness, so I opted for that set without a second thought. I also got the matching Carlotta Pillows to complete the look! As always, Cstudio has blown me away with the sheer quality of their products. I'm in LOVE!!

After putting up the new spring bedding, I realized their logic behind "In Bed by 10." If you transform your bed into an inspiring, beautiful space, you will start to look forward to going to bed earlier. I can't wait to climb into bed now and snuggle with my new, soft-as-a-cloud comforter!! Even if I have to work a little later, I've been finding myself typing away under the comfort of my new bedding rather than sitting at the boring, old desk. This collection has arrived at such a timely manner. Here are the products I chose:

You c an also get 20% off AND free shipping with the promo code SPRING, so don't miss out! The code expires on 4/29/2018. Also, they have an amazing In Bed by 10 sweepstakes going on right now where the grand prize winner can get a $300 gift card to Cstudio and a $200 gift card to Stowaway Cosmetics, so shop away and be entered to win!


As shown the incredible Woodcut Medallion Comforter Set pairs super well with the Carlotta pillows and my newly installed brick wall!


The thing about photographing pups is that you'll never know if they'll behave or start peeing on your bedsheets and eating your plants. Ollie did the latter two and then fell asleep. What a life.


I absolutely love the boho vibes this set gives off!!


It works so well with normal white walls, too.


Here are the Carlotta pillows on my mustard couch. Super versatile pieces of decor that I'm super proud to show off at all times!

Click here to shop Cstudio and be sure to follow them on Instagram for more bedding inspo! I've been a major fan of their products ever since I bought my first set because they are so consistently high quality. If there's one bedding brand that I would stick by for the rest of my life, it's Cstudio. Kudos to this blessed store for helping me sleep better!!! #priceless

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