Impressing My Flower-Hating Mom with Fresh Cut Flowers

Impressing My Flower-Hating Mom with Fresh Cut Flowers

Alright, ya'll. Every year during Mother's Day season, I'm always stumped because I've never been able to give this woman a gift that she wants. One time, I got her a $400 Tory Burch handbag and I got in trouble for spending so much money. Like, legit TROUBLE! She yelled at me and everything! 😂  Another year, I got her flowers and she ridiculed them to DEATH! Yeah, they died pretty soon after I bought them because of all the rejection, lol! So, we usually just go eat together on Mother's Day and I simply make her a nice card. 

However, this year, a floral company decided to rise to the challenge and deliver flowers to my mom. The florals looked ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS online but I was still nervous as to how my flower-hating mom would receive it. Below, you'll see what the box looked like when it arrived. "Drumroll please" was right! *Fingers crossed*


Right away, I noticed the details on the packaging. It said, "Get me out of here!" and a handful of other cute slogans on the side - lol! I've never seen a floral company put so much thought into their packaging before! I was starting to feel really excited at this point, because if the packaging is this good, how beautiful must the flowers be?!


...AND I WAS RIGHT!!! Ugh. How GORGEOUS are these?!?! The violet calla lilies added such an understated elegance to the bouquet. I had a really good feeling about this because violet is my mom's favorite color and she has quite an understated style. This charming little bouquet was perfect!! 


The "Calla Back Girl!" bouquet is a mixture of seasonal calla lilies, white snapdragons, and some purple pom pom mums (try saying that ten times)!

This was looking fine and perfect, but all that was going through my mind was, "How is she going to receive it..!?!? This anti-floral mother of mine!?!?"


...Well, based on this picture, you can probably guess that she received it well. 😌  In fact, she loved it! I know-- I was quite stunned myself!! Just look at her sweet expression:


This is my MOTHER, you guys. The one who complains when people buy her handbags and get angry when people buy her flowers. She LOVED these. She said she'd never seen the violet calla lilies before. It was so heartwarming!!




She actually loved it so much that she wanted Jesus to have it LOOOL! But then I told her to take it down and put it in a vase because it will die on the altar ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 


All of this was made possible by the AMAZING floral delivery service called BloomThatThey completely exceeded my expectations and gave my mom the most beautiful bundle of flowers I could ever hope for. Honestly, one of the best (if not, the best) floral delivery services I've ever tried. I highly recommend that you order from them this Mother's Day! Here's a generous coupon code for ya'll to use:


I hope you enjoyed this post! I feel like my mom and I bonded a little more after this sweet surprise. May you all have a blessed Mother's Day, and may your moms be ENAMORED by the flowers you give her via BloomThat!

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