Styling My Bed with High Quality Quilts from High Ruin!

Styling My Bed with High Quality Quilts from High Ruin!

When it comes to throw blankets, one can never have enough. I can literally change the entire look and feel of my bed simply by changing just the throw blanket. This time, I've discovered my new favorite: High Ruin luxury quilts. Just look at how dreamy it is!!

I seriously can't get enough of it. The Rose Garden Throw has this romantic, vintage vibe that is nothing short of iconic. Not to mention, High Ruin is a brand that gives back! 10% of every purchase goes to Saving Innocence, which is a trusted organization that helps rescue women and children from sex trafficking. Talk about a meaningful cause! If you purchase from High Ruin, you can be sure that 10% of your money will go directly to helping those in modern-day slavery. I can't think of a more worthy cause! Every time I look at the gorgeous blanket, I'm encouraged by the good that it it has brought to others.

I got the Rose Garden Throw in pink, but there are two other gorgeous colors as well. Each blanket was made with utter care, resulting in luxurious, high quality pieces that will transform your sanctuary. Check them out below!

Isn't she beautiful?! Drey is the founder of High Ruin and she is absolutely gorgeous from the inside out. This is her story:

When adopting our youngest from foster care, we were exposed to the “hopeless” situation foster teens and those "aging out" of the system face. These young people, so full of life, are without a mother and father to guide them, to give them a high-five, to hand them a few bucks for a movie with friends. They have next to nothing. Thousands. Here in Los Angeles. And then, if they are never adopted, they must find and create a home for themselves at 18, hardly having a model of what home actually looks like. 

Then, there is a second group of young people (most between the ages 11 and 18), a majority of whom are former foster youth or run aways from group homes, on the streets of Los Angeles being forced to offer their bodies for sex. We often hear the word “enslaved” and think this is an exaggeration of the situation, but most of these precious kids are being held captive, coerced by threat into remaining in their perpetrators' grip.

These young lives need rescuing. They need homes. They need healing, so they can be restored, become whole, be reminded of beauty, realize their aspirations and transform into role models and leaders.

We are driven by these brave young people’s stories, their dreams and hopes, their persistence and drive, and their longings for a home. We are driven to encourage them as they rise up out of the ruins of their past and set their feet on higher ground.


Aside from beautiful throw blankets, High Ruin offers these unique, silky pillow designs as well:

If you want your home to have original decor that's high quality, tells a story, and helps children transition out of sex trafficking and foster care, then I recommend that you purchase from High Ruin. Businesses like these are few and far between. High quality products + a good cause = can't be beat!

Here's the good news: I'm partnering with High Ruin to give away the pink Rose Garden Throw to one lucky winner. The winner will be announced on January 20th! To participate, follow @HighRuin, @SavingInnocence, and @asenseofhomeorg on Instagram. Good luck to all!!

This beautiful blanket can be yours. I wish you the best of luck in the giveaway! ^_^


Next Steps:

  • Follow High Ruin on Instagram
  • Visit their website for more products!
  • Offer support by following Saving Innocence and
  • By doing so, you have also entered the giveaway. Good luck!!
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